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Left 4 dead

Detials for left 4 dead

kristen minster

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of Left 4 dead

Double click anywhere & add an idea Left 4 dead is a 4 player game. Offline you can only play two player. The purpose of this game is to kill zombies and try not to be killed by one. As players walk around hordes of zombies attack them. You have the option of having two guns. Apistol then any wepon of your choice. Smokers shoot a tenticale out at you and try to grab you. When shot the smoker will let off gas. The players try to get to a safe house. The players can heal themselves at any time as long as they have a helth pack. Mozeltof cocktials will burst into flames if thrown. Witches are easily startled and once a player is pinned they cant shoot. Boomers will puke on you and boomer puke will attract the horde. Hunters will also pin you but they are not as deadly as the witches. The witch makes a crying noise. Tanks are superhuge and super deadly. The tank can squish you lake a bug. Never take on the tank by yourself. The four characters are... Bill Louis Zoey Francis
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