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Classification Essay

Intro to how to write a classification essay

Samantha Eaton

on 10 October 2015

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Transcript of Classification Essay

Classification & Division

What is classification?
How & Why:
When Writing
Classification is when you arrange many units into
more manageable groups
ie: books are classified into genres (fiction, nonfiction,
biographies, autobiographies, etc.)
newspapers have classified advertising (pet, lost item,
found item, estates, yard&garage sales, etc)
by sorting a subject into classes based on similarities and differences, it makes a complicated subject easier to understand (think plant life and how it's classified)
note: there is always a point behind the classification (to help someone find hotels based on price, location, etc)
Classification can be based on different principles
Binary or two part: items/stuff with feature vs items/stuff without feature

Complex: many categories and then even subcategories ie:
shoes tennis shoes

skater running walking jogging
Purpose is to impose order on a complex subject that includes many items
Your purpose, thesis and principle (how you choose to classify) overlap on the interest of your subject
This principle, the way that you have classified the subject, should be made apparent in your introduction.
Can't overlap: if "Frankenstein" is in Horror, you cannot place it in fiction also
Can't omit: your categories must include all essential categories. To omit one would be to weaken your paper.
Have a Thread:
The thread of your paper will keep your categories together as one subject as you classify them.
It should relate to the topic you are classifying and act as a transition through your paper.
It will signal to the reader that you are moving on to the next category in your topic.
time of day
parts of a song

Be creative with your thread!
Division-Why we do it:
Through this analysis we can comprehend and communicate the component parts of a topic and category.
Builds critical thinking skills to go beneath the surface to infer hidden meanings and assumptions that define the essence and link the parts into a new whole.
Related Directions:

Analyze, evaluate, interpret, criticize=
All are asking you to break down a topic into parts and look at each part
What are they?
taglines are a way of formatting outside source information in order to embed it into a larger piece of writing, such as an essay.

What does it mean to "tag" something?
To tag is to refer to the author or title of the piece of outside source information you are using to support your thesis
You can place a tag in the beginning or end of the sentence where you have placed the outside source information.
What would that look like?
According to an article in the New York Times,
after the publishers began releasing more and more teen titles each year, the bookstores reacted by creating new, expanded teen sections

The information in red is the tag at the beginning of the sentence with the article's paraphrased information. I have "tagged" the article as well as provided a citation in order to give the author credit.
Need another example:
In her article, “YA Comes of Age,” Sue Corbett
mentions the industry wide case of paranormal fatigue where editors are simply uninterested in the paranormal teen fiction plots.

In this example, because I have named the author in the tag of the line, I do not need to include a citation, because it would be redundant.
How it fits with Classification
The essay should be categorized, then you will divide the component parts of those categories.
Using the book genre example, within the biographical category, the component parts would be that they are written by someone else about someone's life, the subject can be dead or alive, usually the person is famous in some way, they begin from birth and go to present day, etc.
Now that you know what they are...
Read the piece titled, "The Dog ate My Disk and Other Tales of Woe" and answer the follow up questions.

As you read, be sure to note those places where the author is using classification and division.
Why/How will we use them in this essay:
WHY: Because your personal experience and evidence will not be enough to support your thesis. You must use outside sources to help prove your point.

HOW: Within your essay, you will incorporate two taglines to either assist your thread, your categories, your division of those categories, etc.
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