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Centennial Middle School

No description

Maureen McDaniel

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Centennial Middle School

Welcome to the Computer Lab! Hi! I'm Ms. McDaniel This summer,
I moved from Georgia where I was a Local School
Technology Coordinator. Here are some family pictures. Rules for Technology Class Be on time.
Be prepared.
Be ready to learn.
Do your best!
(Greenbacks!) Remember the Centennial Cyclones'
Motto Specific Lab Rules Technology Violation
Not following directions
Playing computer games or on Facebook
Use of cell phone
Disturbing your neighbors
Not taking care of equipment and area
Not logging off Emergencies Sign out and take
bathroom pass. Only 1 at a time can go. Hobbies Technology Hiking Biking Golf Respect
Empathy Computer Lab Let's have a great year!
Technology Rocks!

For more informtion, visit my website. Desktop Publishing-Yearbook Staff
Image Rendering and Manipulation
Page Layout and Design for Print
Page Layout and Design for Digital
Digital Citizenship
Using Technology to problem-solve and make decisions
Using digital communication to share information with others
File Management
Project-Based evaluations Exploratory Computers
Desktop Publishing: Including Microsoft Office,
Google Docs and other publishing platforms
Internet Navigation
Online Databases & Source Credibility
Typing Basics
Graphic Design
Digital Citizenship
Programming & Design Software
Innovative projects
https://sites.google.com/a/bvsd.org/technology-rocks/ Thanks for coming!
Technology Rocks! T.I.D.E. (Technology, Innovation, Design, and Engineering)
Class fee - $15
Safety and Responsibility
Review and sign handout
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