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Narrator's Role in Blood Brothers

No description

Grace Ray

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Narrator's Role in Blood Brothers

1. The storyteller The Narrator's first role is to outline the plot of the play. This is first demonstrated in the prologue, where the Narrator tells the audience of the brief history and demise of the two principal characters, before the story has even started. This gives him an air of mysticism and etherealism, detaching him from the rest of the characters present on stage. Throughout the play, he appears as numerous characters and reminds cast members of the underling or buried issues within the play. 2. Representation of Superstition Another role of the Narrator is to represent superstition within the play. He serves as a reminder that the events of the play seem to be governed by superstition, and the actions of characters within the play that have superstitious connotations. He often repeats verses and rhymes, giving his speech a spell-ish and mysterious quality. His association with mysticism and superstition also links the Narrator to Evil and the Devil, even mentioning him within his verses:

3. The Game Changer The Narrator often appears at important moments during the play. For example, he appears as Mrs Johnstone's Gynaecologist, telling her she's expecting twins, and he also appears as the bus conductor that Sammy threatens with a knife, foreshadowing coming events and setting him as the bad force within the play. This gives the sense that events within the play have already been determined and that the story has already happened; the Narrator is only there to see it through and speculate on the outcomes. Thanks for watching :D The Narrator's Role in Blood Brothers "Now y' know the Devil's got your number,
y' know he's gonna find y'
y' know he's right behind y'..."
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