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Miranda Robbins

on 14 October 2014

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Men do terrible things without the support of a women
By: Miranda and Stephanie
Women are only recognized by men for their beauty.

Men only see women as an object
"Elizabeth Lavenza became the inmate of my parents' house-my more than sister-beautiful and adored companion of all my occupations and my pleasures." (pg21)
"...My Elizabeth I possessed a treasure.." (pg167)
"The Turk Quickly perceived the impression that his daughter had made on the heart of Felix and endeavored to secure him more entirely in his interests by the promise of her hand in marriage so soon as he should be conveyed to a place of safety." (pg104)
Thesis Statement One
Mary Shelly shows through her character development that men view women as objects rather than as companions.
Multi-Media Video
Thesis Statement Three
Marry Shelly shows through her male characters that when a male loses the love and support of a women then he loses his sense of sanity.
When Victor leaves Elizabeth, he does awful thing like creating the monster
The Creature never had a female in his life
"Justine has just returned to us; and I assure you I love her tenderly. She is very clever and gentle, and extremely pretty; as I mentioned before, her mein and her expression continually remind me of my dear aunt." (pg50)
Multi-Media Video
Multi-Media Video
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