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No description

Kierra Mandell

on 11 September 2013

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Safety and Information
In Animal Jam, children of all ages will enjoy this exciting game! First, you make a username. Then you make a password. You must have a parent E-mail so your parents can always know what you are doing, to be sure you are safe online, because being online is dangerous. Then, choose an animal to play with! PLAY WILD!
About the world of Jamaa
Jamaa has 11 different sights to choose from. You can buy clothes for your animal(s) and den items for your den(s)! You can earn gems in the arcade and in other places around Jamaa! There are many other places in Jamaa, but that's for you to find out!
Animal Jam!

Animal Jam is a fun, safe learning game for children of all ages! Learning about nature and animals was the goal of National Geographic Kids when they processed this game 2 years ago
About Animal Jam
Membership is basically V.I.P. of Animal Jam. To buy membership, just ask your parents to login to the parent section, located at the login page. When you become a member, all items are unlocked, and you can buy up to 15 animals! Pets are available, and other useful things in animal jam! Being a member is awesome!
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