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Clear Moon, frost soon.

No description

Sarah Willis

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Clear Moon, frost soon.

Clear Moon, frost soon.
Is It true?
The weather proverb "Clear moon, frost soon." is a fairly accurate saying, but only when the temperature plummets below freezing so expect frost in the morning. This saying won't be true in the summer when its 60 degrees at night.
Where did it come from?
The origin of the saying "Clear moon, frost soon." comes from a source unknown by me. I was unable to find a reliable source.
So if this is true, what makes it so?
How does the air rise?
Since it is a high pressure system allowing the air to rise,how can it? Usually high pressure causes the air to sink. Without adding much detail, when warmth is added, the pressure increases. "Adding heat to any particular container (our atmosphere) can transfer energy to air molecules." But, since the cold air usually stays below the warm air because warm air is less dense, the warm air rises.
What makes frost form?
As you all may know, frost is a thin layer of ice that forms on colder objects outside. But what exactly makes frost? "Frost develops under conditions similar to dew (in the summer),except the temperatures of the Earth's surface and earthbound objects falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit." This type of frost is most likely advective frost, meaning it happens when a cold front "sweeps into an area." The other kind of frost that can occur is radiation frost. That occurs under a clear sky and calm winds.

Since this saying is true, only when its relatively chilly, what is it that makes it true? When the sky is clear, the Earth's crust cools faster than normal, that is because there is no clouds to keep the heat in. A combination between no cloud cover, light winds, and a cold air mass is a perfect set-up for frost formation. "This usually will happen when we have high pressure sitting over top of our region at night." This will let the warmer air from the day to ascend into the atmosphere. Once again this is only when it is cold weather.
By Sarah Willis
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