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Copy of Classroom template

Classroom Template

Harry Guo

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Classroom template

Rafe Esquith
Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire
Teach with such passion and enthusiasm that you wouldn’t even notice …………..

Lesson 17
Shakespeare was not of an age – but for all time.
Lesson 14
Class trips are expected to teach students the skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Students are expected to pursue knowledge with a passion and depth of understanding that separates them from mediocre students.

Lesson 13
Great movies can help children build character, learn about the impact of good and bad decisions, and be inspired to stand up for their beliefs in difficult situations.

Lesson 12
The purpose of teaching problem solving should be to develop the process of thinking and analyzing.

Lesson 11
It’s essential for young people to see the importance of orderliness and how to get there.

Lesson 7
A passion for history must be nurtured.

Lesson 4
Writing can unlock a child’s heart.
Don’t give up.
Lesson 2
Replace fear with trust.

Lesson 16
The best way to help our children grow into exemplary people is often to involve them in projects that help other people.

Lesson 15
“Rock ‘n’ roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them.”

~Pete Townshend

Lesson 10
Parents and teachers must expose their kids to the beauty of sport - and to the life lessons we learn from playing sports correctly and honorably.

Lesson 8
To learn science, children must put down their books and pick up their equipment.

Lesson 6
Test scores are a very small part of who you are.

Lesson 5
To succeed in math, you must develop a true love of numbers.

Lesson 3
A love of reading = a better life.

Lesson 1
Failure is an opportunity to learn.

Book Summary
Lesson 9
Students involved in arts education are learning
about things far beyond the art that they study.

Six Levels of
Moral Development
Education is About Life, Not About Grades
Marie Baima
Catherine Smudde
Tian Wang
Nick Hirsch
Dezheng Guo
Each student has a job and weekly salary.
Students learn to use and save their money wisely.
Classroom Economy
Reading can be fun, not just required.
Reading Enthusiasm
Picking the right book is important.
Parents should take their kids to the library and guide them.
This book is
so interesting.
My book
is boring.
Every year at Christmas, they serve a free meal and perform a live concert at a local Church.
They learn how to organize and work both as a team.
The kids learn the value of helping other people.
Related Topics
Well-known Show
Actors Band Backstage
Sir Ian McKellen
Teaching Styles
in China
Game Time
Thank you for watching
and Listening

The goal of this game is to learn to count by 3’s.

1. The first person will start by saying 1

2. After the first person has started by saying 1, the person to the right will say 2

3. Since the objective of this game is to count by 3’s, anytime a number has a 3 in it, that person
whose turn it is has to say Buzz

a. For example, 1, 2, buzz, 4…

4. To make it more challenging, in addition to the numbers that have a 3 in it, we will add multiplications of 3

a. For example, 7, 8, buzz, 10

5. If a person misses a “buzz” they have to sit down

6. The last person standing will win candy
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