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Abiotic vs. Biotic Factors

No description

Meredith Barton

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Abiotic vs. Biotic Factors

Abiotic vs. Biotic Factors
What's the difference?
Foldable Time
Record these 2 defintions below your foldable
Limiting Factor
: any abiotic or biotic factor that controls the number of individuals in a population.
Abiotic LFs Biotic LFs
temperature predators
drought & weather
space to live

Make your foldable like Mrs. Barton's example
Make sure you include the following definitions & provide examples through your illustrations.
: nonliving organisms in an environment that can possibly impact an ecosystem.
: living organisms in an ecosystem that can interact with each other.
Carrying Capacity
: The maximum number of individuals of a given species that an ecosystem's resources can sustain (support).
_________________ _______________
Let's Practice
Complete your worksheet INDEPENDENTLY
* work for a level 3 or 4!
* provide neat and complete sentences
* READ ALL DIRECTIONS (I'll know if you did or did not)
* ANSWER ALL questions
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