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steal away home

No description

Shukria Salam

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of steal away home

Book Reveiw
* What do you like and dislike about the book Steal Away Home?

What I dislike about the book is that 2 people died in it.What I like about the book is that it told me about how some people lived in Kansas 1851 and that slavery was even more horrible then I thought.

*What do you have in common with the characters?

What I have in common with Dana is that we both are very noisy about thing that are going on in this world.What I have in common with Miz.Lizabeth is that we both are against slavery.

*What does this have to do with your life?

What this has to do with my life is that if black like Miz.Lizabeth didn't fight slavery would still be going on and if we didn't fight or try to make peace we would"nt have learned to read, write, and if we didn't fight we would of never saw our family again. That what it has to do with my life

Character Chart
The Problem Beings. . .
By Shukria K. Salam 5C
In the story steal away home there are many characters in the story. The characters are Dana, James, ma, pa and many more.The exposition of the story is when we meet a character, for Example; we meet Dana when she was pealing off wall paper. another one is when we meet James, he was about to eat dinner.

Dana was pealing the wall paper off the wall wishing that she could have a cushier job when she drilled a hole in the wall and saw a little room and a cot with a fool grown skeleton in it! suprised but the real thing on Dana's mind, how did she/he die?

James problem was that Ma ( his mother ) was hiding slaves and he was expected to keep his mouth shut also he had to lie to Pa even thought he never lied to him before, but the question are they going to get caught?
The reslotion of the story is where we find out what happend to the characters at the end.

James went up the stairs to see Miz.Lizabeth but she was already dead and so he, Pa, and Solomon holed up the wall and left her there.

Dana and her friends went to celebrate the 4th of July and saw a stone saying this :

The climax of the story has the most action of the story.

Dana was finish reading the book but she still didn't how Miz.Lizabeth died thats when Jeep and Ahn came over and it was jeep who said that she died in this room and that he knows how she died but he wouldn't tell them yet.

Miz.Lizabeth was in james house and Pa came home without warning and busted them! luckily, pa let her stay but that happyness didnt last long because she got sick and needed to see doctor onley.

also Marshal Fain came back and now he's 100% determined to catch him.
"I plant this tree in name of Miz.Lizabeth Carles and Matthew Luke Carles"
Professor Shannon
white 12 year old girl has red hair and feckles
She seems a little lazy.Also very brave because she put her head thought a hole she didn't even know what was in it
actions and behavior
She's very brave, noisy, and she cares because she found a notebook and didn't give it to the police and she brave and caring because she didn't just live Jeep there.
he's a history teacher, white,and he lets her make her own descion every once in a while
action or behavior
he cares about Dana because when Dana wanted to go to Wollect Castle he didn't let her.
Falling action
The falling action is everything that happens after the climax.

Dr.Baxi had figures out how Miz.Lizabeth died, she dies from a disease called typhoid fever.

Dana and her friend had a tiny funeral for her.

Pa tells James had to choose what to do next .James decided to out wait them and that there peaceful people.
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