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Patient Care System

No description

Tanna Boaz

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Patient Care System

Patient Care System Bed Assignment Problems Discharge Problems Admissions, Treatment, Discharge Admissions Problems Steering committee must be active in entire development life cycle
IS consultant coordination with Patient Care Administration
Five computer kiosks
Improve admitting time
Cost of $6,000 Resource Requirements Discharge Objectives Bed assignment Objectives Objectives Feasibility Costs Benefits Admissions It is currently easier to make patients fill out the same forms each visit than using the saved copies
Non-emergency patients must remember their admissions form and fill it in
If they need help completing the paperwork the front desk staff must stop and assist them
Regular admissions forms have options that do not apply to babies The new system will be capable of retrieving inputs about the patient(forms, images, results) after a simple search
Kiosks will now handle patient admissions, instructions will be easy to read and easy to understand
A baby admission form will be created, it will be preloaded with the name "Baby" and exclude irrelevant fields When a patient vacates a bed, staff must update their files manually
Errors can be devastating for the hospital's credibility
There are too many beds for a human to accurately keep track of
Bed assignments are extremely imbalanced The system will be able to show the current status of beds and how long until they are available
Updates will happen automatically, creating higher turnover rates Beginning: Manual system End: Automated System Treatment Objectives Records of treatment are made easily accessible with the new system because all treatment information is added to the patient file electronically
This important documentation will never be lost and can be retrieved in seconds
The PCS will extend to a secure web service so that information about procedures and personal information can be accessed there Once the discharge report is printed for the patient it is gone
If the report is lost it will take a while to find out the specialized care instructions for the patient again
The patient form must be manually filled and mailed to the health department after 24 hours Our system will keep the discharge reports on file electronically. Patients may call and receive the information if they need to
The patient report for those in the hospital more than 24hrs will be created automatically based on previous inputs
Data about the length of the stay will be available for the Financial System Bedding Application Problems Treatment Treatment records are frequently needed and paper copies can be easily lost or take a long time to find
Some patients call to find out about procedures they are about to have. Staff must find time to mail this information to the patient Patient Form When the "Patient" tab is clicked upon, the patient form will appear
Important information pertaining to the patient will be included
A baby form will be included for newborn babies Training staff on the PCS is necessary
At point of implementation and on-going
Additional staff time related to implementation
Maintenance cost When the "Bedding" tab is clicked upon, the Bedding Application will appear.
All the beds the hospital has will be shown in the middle of the form. Each bed will have a color to represent the status it is in, blue for occupied, green for unoccupied, purple for being cleaned and red for being unavailable for some reason. Treatment Forms When the "Treatment" tab is clicked on,
the daily patient form will appear
An employee must first search for the patient by either their ID number or name
The known information such as their name, address, religion, etc. will automatically be filled in Discharge Report When the "Discharge" tab is clicked on, the discharge report will appear
This new method will severely cut down on employee time spent Hardware, software, and network resources
Technical expertise by consulting group
Upgrade after five years Technical Feasibility Improve operational time which results in patient satisfaction
No reduction in staff size
Position to convert paper forms to PCS
Less demand on users
Information is more accessible and produced less frequently
Positive image
Faster admitting experience Operational Feasibility Implemented and running within two years
Consultant group can meet time frame set by management
Gantt chart created to ensure deadlines are met
Consultant will collaborate with steering committee and Susan Long to analyze requirements Schedule Feasibility Research shows biggest challenges include privacy of health information, quality and reliability, and tort-based liability Legal Feasibility Consulting group will provide knowledge of the PCS to the management team
Both parties will work closely to ensure each other's demands are met
Ensure proper resources are provided Organizational Feasibility Employee Risk Resisting change
Coordinate with assistant director
Collaborate with end users
Communicate needs of the system Direct Cost Will cost be outweighed by reduction in errors and improve processing time? Indirect Cost Removal of manual forms will save cost on paper and time
Kiosk will offer patient satisfaction of privacy
Less personal information will be seen
PCS will reduce significant reduction in processing time Benefits Staff member can access system and update current status
Reduce errors
Double booking
Leaving beds unoccupied for long periods of time Bedding Assignment Benefit Reduced processing time for inputting and updating patient chart
Storing past and current visits in a database
Reduced probability of patient record mix up
Access to Laboratory Information System
Quicker diagnosis
Increase patient satisfaction
Patient request service
Increase patient satisfaction Treatment Plan Benefit Access information electronically and print
Financial system will automatically retrieve data
Reduced processing time for data transferring
Reduced cost of labor Discharge Benefit
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