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workshop process map

No description

Jon Coyle

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of workshop process map

Workshop Job Process Map (1) Service and MOT Schedule Tracy runs service and MOT schedules through the MMMSCH screen of Tranman. The MOT schedule is done once per year at the end of the year, this allows for planning of what vehicles are being MOT'd in which months through the year. The service reminder is run every week. Once the vehicles are known they are requested and the T-cards are updated on the office board. Work Source Defects raised in Traffic office + given to TL Routine maintenance: MOT / Service Driver arrives at workshop with defect slip (2) If a defect is filled in, Traffic will VOR the vehicle. If the work is maintenance, the workshop will request that the vehicle taken off the road. (2) The Traffic office T-card board is updated to mark the vehicle as VOR so Linehaul know which vehicles are off the road. Workshop receive the pink and white copies of the defect report. Traffic keep the yellow. (3) Team leader adds job to load sheet, some vehicles will still be on the load sheet from the day before. (3) Team leader allocates jobs to fitters throughout the day to meet the demand of the traffic office. (4) Fitter completes the job from the defect report or carries out the maintenance. The defect sheet or service sheet is filled out with a description of what has been done and the time taken. If it is a brief job they will also note down the parts used. If it is a bigger or more complex job, they will fill in a job card to go along with the sheet. (11) If a part is required the stores are involved. If the part is in stock, the fitter takes the part and the parts form is filled in so it can be re-ordered. If it isn't in stock an order form is completed and Andy will order the part. (12) If the part being replaced is broken due to damage or abuse, the fitter should fill in a damage / abuse repair report (12) Andy adds the rest of the details to the form, including any prices and forwards the form on to Tracy. (12) Tracy adds the forms details to the abuse charge sheet so that the costs can be recharged. (5) Fitter gives paperwork back to TL. TL then signs off the work to state it has been done correctly. (6) The TL Will then add the job to Tranman. The TL then also updates the load sheet with the time complete and his initials so that Traffic know the vehicle is complete. The workshop Team Leader calls Traffic to notify them a vehicle is complete and ready for use. The Traffic office mark this up in the diary, so they have a record of who told them a vehicle is ready, and when. The vehicle is then collected for use. (8) Pink copies of the defect slips are all passed to Tracy, the daily load sheet is printed out at the end of each day. Tracy highlights the sheet to make sure there is a pink slip for each completed job. (7) Fitter gets the white copy of the defect slip back at the end of the shift with the OL0 number from Tranman written on the top. This is used by the fitter to complete their job pack. Once the pinks are checked off, they are either sent back to the Traffic office to be matched up with the Yellow copy. Or if they are Birmingham defects, they are left in the office for someone from Birmingham to collect. Job packs are all completed and handed in to the team leaders. The team leader will look through the job packs to ensure the details all look correct, and to make sure everything is signed and dated. If everything is ok the packs are given to Tracy. (9) Tracy completes a sheet for all fitters for each day. The sheet shows the days each fitter is working, Tracy adds a tick by each fitters name when she confirms she has received a completed job pack for that day. (9) Tracy completes a second sheet, containing sections for all times to be added. This is filled in using the front page of the job packs, and shows how much time is spent of defects, MOT + Service and non productive. (10) Terri adds the job packs to the system, adding description, activities and times to the WSJOBC job which the TL has already raised. The job is changed to complete, and the paperwork is filed. (13) If the broken part is within warranty, the fitter should complete a truck and van warranty write up sheet. Andy then sends the sheet and broken part to the supplier/ dealer/ manufacturer.
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