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Tackling the STAAR with Test Hound

No description

Jana Everett

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Tackling the STAAR with Test Hound

Clean-up Teachers
View - all
Delete teachers who are no longer on your campus
Delete any duplicates
Uncheck avl for any staff who cannot administer
click edit
uncheck available

Update Accommodations
Go to Students tab
On view - click how many you would like to see per page
Make sure you verify all accommodations
Verify all test versions are correct
Verify all students are marked correctly

Organizing Rooms:
Versions FIRST
Begin with filtering:
1. By Test Version
2. select type of test (A, L, SOA) in item
3. select a room from room available
4. Click reassign

Cleaning up Rooms
Click Rooms on left menu
View all
Delete any duplicates
Set maximum capacity for special rooms
click edit next to room number
type capacity
option description
Adding Rooms
click Test Administrations on left menu
select test
Click plus sign next to rooms on right
select rooms (know how many you will need)
Pulling Students
Select Test Administrations
Select your test administration
Click the + next to students to add students
Action - select add
By - select course or grade
item - choose course or grade level
version - select what is relevant - submit
If is possible to add more than one set
Shining Light on the STAAR with Test Hound
Helpful Hints
* View all
*use control F to find specific students
*one special population by clicking on 504 or SpEd or LEP twice to sort only those students to the top
Organizing Rooms:
Accommodations Second
Begin with filtering by:
1. Accommodation
* check the box - don't overwrite if needed
Follow the below order:
A. Individual Administration
B. Oral/Signed Admin
C. Oral Admin on Request
D. Clrf.Eng. word
E. Small Group
F. Extra Time
Completing Room Assignments
Click the plus sign next to asgn rooms
Type: set capacity or period (by specfic class)

* Select max #
* Decide Alpha
or Random
* Click submit
For Capacity
For Period

* select period
* Click submit
Filling Rooms will not fill into "specials" rooms
Assigning Teachers
Using the list of rooms on right of screen
click the room number
on right of screen select a teacher
use drop down select room to go to next room
teachers will only appear in list once

Assigning Books
Printing Labels for Books
Room Labels
All Rooms
Generate Report
Click the blue save disk
Transfer to PDF

I print labels without book #s and assign book numbers as I put labels on books.
This could be reversed.
Test Administration
Return to test
Pair your scanner with your computer or plug in to desktop
Filter by room
Click in the Barcode squre
Scan and stick label
Automatically moved to next line
When complete with one room move to next
Master Accommodation
* Master Accommodation
*Select a special program
*include students with no accommodations
* select relevant information
* Generate Report

Master Schedule Report
* Reports
* Master Schedule
* Select your exam
* select a home room
* with ID/without ID choice
* Generate
This report is used to post for students to know rooms.
This report is used for special program directors to verify accommodations.
Other Useful Reports
1. Material Control
* TWO copies
2. Room Accommodations
3. Attendance Report- new
4. Room Start/Stop Times
Manual Add of New Student
1. Select students from left menu
2. Select New
3. Complete all information
4. Submit

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