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The person who invented softball

No description

payton grant

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of The person who invented softball

The person who invented softball. By:Payton Grant First off the person who invented this game was a guy named George Hancock. He made this game on Thanksgiving Day, 1887.This game, 111 years later, is known as the first softball game. Hancock watched a man throw a boxing glove at another guy.It just so happened the other guy hit it with a pole. Hancock paid very close attention to this. So............. He tied together 2 boxing gloves and chalked out a diamond on the floor.(they were in a gym.)He also broke off a broom handle to serve as a bat. He then yelled "Lets Play Ball!" In one week, he created an oversized ball and an undersized rubber-tipped bat and went back to the gym to paint permanent white foul lines on the floor. After he wrote new rules and named the sport indoor baseball, a more organized, yet still new, game was played. In the spring of 1888, Hancock's game moved outdoors. The year was 1895 when Lewis Rober Sr., (a fire department officer) needed an activity to keep his men occupied and in shape during their free time. He created his game to fit the confines of a vacant lot next to the firehouse and the result was instantly appealing. The following year, 1896, Rober was moved to a new unit with a new team to manage. In honor of this group's name, the Kittens, the game was termed Kitten League Ball in 1900. The name was later shortened to kitten ball. The first women's softball team was formed in 1895 at Chicago's West Division High School. They didn't have a coach until 1899 though. The Spalding Indoor Baseball Guide 1904 issue fueled attention by devoting a large part of the guide to the game of women's softball. :) At Chicago National Tournament in 1933 male and female champions were honored equally! The End!!
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