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Big Hero Six Presentation

No description

Isabella G.

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Big Hero Six Presentation

Big Hero 6
Presentation by
Isabella Guevara
Tiffany Rhee
Early Childhood
Hiro Hamada
parents died
raised by his Aunt Cass and his older brother Tadashi
Call To Adventure
brother dies in a fire
discovers robot named Baymax that his brother made
Crossing the
Trials + Challenges
Goes to warehouse and sees his bots under control by unknown person
organizing a team
becoming a superhero
Trials and
Challenges ii
teams up with Tadashi's friends to find man in mask
Trials and
Challenges III
overcoming urge to kill man in mask
TRials and
Challenges iv
defeating the man in the mask (who turned out to be Professor Callaghan)
Baymax helps defeat Professor Callaghan
also calms Hiro's destructive natures
Tadashi helped Hiro to stop illegal bot-fighting and enter into a school
The Abyss or Temptation
getting over Tadashi's death
has to fight the urge to obliterate Professor Callaghan
dealing with letting Baymax go
The transformation

Hiro and friends defeat Callaghan
The Return Home
returns home and starts to attend school
rebuilds Baymax
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