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Establishing Authority

No description

Alexander Paul Institute

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Establishing Authority

Establishing Authority Wise Owl Wisdom Comfort & Authority Guest must feel comfortable
-Speaking to You
-Getting Services Knowledge Fashion & Trends Communication What is a stylist? Not someone who cuts & colors hair. A stylist is an expert that uses art and science
to create a look that makes a statement. You must make the guest
believe this! How do you make someone believe
that statement? You must learn COMMUNICATION SKILLS You must PROJECT CREDIBILITY Guest must express feelings towards
products and services Establish Trust with..
Authority and Credibility Celebrities Knowledge about the Industry New Techniques If you don't, someone else will Listen 1st, Touch Later What Goals do they Have?
What They Want to See
Touching Limits Communication
Use Eye Contact, No Looking Down Demistify Explain Buzzwords
-"Layers" "Whispy" "Soft" Explain What You Will Do
-Align with Goals
-How will Service Work For Her? Eye Contact Show & Tell Touch Hair, Use Hands Move Around to Show Technique & Examine Quality Precise Angles and Lengths Talk About Money Explain Why Use to Upsell Let them value your service Be Their Hair Doctor Prescribe Style
Prescribe Products

Align with Goals Products Wise owl says.... I want to see that you have become an authority. Learn something new today that makes you more of an authority, write it down, and share it in class next time. Make it an experience
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