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Dylan Warren

on 13 March 2013

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Act 3: Scenes 4 & 5 Romeo And Juliet Summary Illustration Arranged Marriages Lord Capulet agrees to have Juliet marry Paris on Thursday. Romeo and Juliet meet and say their final goodbyes. When Lady Capulet informs Juliet of her marriage, Juliet becomes upset and runs to the Nurse for comfort.. Study Guide Scene 4 What is occurring, ironically, while the unsuspecting Capulets plan Juliet's marriages to Paris? While the unsuspecting Capulets plan Juliet's marriage to Paris, Romeo is visiting Juliet.
In the conversation between Lord Capulet, his wife, and Paris, what do they think is the cause of Juliet's grief? They think the cause of Juliet's grief is Tybalt's death. What is learned about Paris's character? We learn that Paris is understanding of Tybalt's death and wishes to give the Capulet's time to mourn. Lady Capulet says that he is gallant, young, and a noble gentleman.
What decision does Lord Capulet make, and why do you suppose he makes this decision? What does this scene reveal about Lord Capulet's personality? The decision Lord Capulet makes is that Juliet will be married to Paris on Thursday. This scene reveals that Lord Capulet can be controlling. He is also careful.( He arranges a sudden day of joy to end Juliet's sadness) Study Guide Scene 5 Summarize the conversation between Romeo and Juliet at the opening of this scene? Juliet tells Romeo to stay because it is still night and the bird that was singing was the nightingale, not the lark. Romeo say that light is parting the clouds in the east, but he will risk being found and killed in the day if it makes Juliet happy if he stays and talks to her. She then insists that he leaves because it was the lark singing, which means that it was morning.Before Romeo leaves, Juliet tells him she has to hear from him hourly. She also asks if they will see each other again and she predicts evil things. Lady Capulet enters and, seeing Juliet weeping (at Romeo's departure), believes the weeping is for Tybalt. The mother then vents her own anger at Romeo and discloses he plant to have him found and poisoned. Why does Juliet appear to speak ill of Romeo? Juliet speaks ill of Romeo so that her mother does not suspect that she loves and is married to him. Arranged marriages are when parents plan the marriage instead of the individuals themselves. Although the idea may seem strange to the Western world, it is common in present-day Eastern countries . Here are some cultures that still practice arranged marriages:
Africans, Americans, Chinese ( rural areas), Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Pakistanis, Vietnamese
Includes religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam
http://www.lifescript.com/life/relationships/marriage/arranged_marriages_in_todays_world.aspx The Pros and Cons of Arranged Marriages Some people believe that arranged marriages are beneficial, but others view it as a disadvantage. Pros Both families support the couple. There is a greater chance of the marriage succeeding. The couple spends the rest of their lives trying to figure each other out. Both individuals share the customs and traditions which lowers the chance of incompatibility. It is arranged by elders, who have more experience about living in society. There is a lesser chance of divorce. Cons The individual does not have the chance to choose their spouse. In the relationship, women are often beaten. It allows for interferences from extended family, which creates an excessive amount of stress on the couple. Most of the time, the couple never experiences love. If the couple can’t stand each other, they are still forced to stay together by their family and society. http://www.ehow.com/info_8100517_advantage-disadvantages-arranged-marriages.html
http://www.professorshouse.com/Relationships/Marriage-Advice/Articles/Advantages-and-Disadvantages-of-Arranged-Marriages/ Arranged Marriages in The United Sates of America Arranged marriages are becoming more frequent in the US today because of our diverse society, religions, and social position. Immigrants, such as Indians, still hold on to their custom of having arranged marriages. However, because of the freedom in America, couples are able to see each other and court before the marriage. Mormons, a religion originated in the US, have arranged marriages too. Lastly, a person’s social status has an effect on who he or she marries. For example, if they are a wealthy person, they marry someone who comes from the same status as them. A multi-cultural society, beliefs, and social ranking are factors that contribute to the spread of arranged marriages in the US. http://www.alternet.org/story/92561/the_rise_of_arranged_marriage_in_america
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