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all about Dance

Kaylin Janeski

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Dance

Dance learn all about it DAnce There are a lot of different kinds of
dance some kinds are Tap, hip hop, jazz,
ballet, lyrical, pom poms, and a lot more. about lyrical lyrical is a more advanced type of dance.
its a faster type of ballet. so its not so
slow ( witch I hate slow dances) All about Tap Tap is one out of three of my favorite
types of dances. you should love tap
because it is a fast moving loud noise
dance from you shoes and they make a
clicking noise. Hip hop hip hop is my 2 out of 3 favorite dance
because it is fast moving and not extremely
slow. You also have a nice beat to it. jazz is my 3 out of 3 favprite dance because I like the beat to the dance
and all of dances to jazz music.
IN my life I have only done one jazz
dance class. All about jazz ballet is a slow type of dance. All the dances are extremely slow. also in ballet you tend to have to be at least a little bit flexible. About Ballet only a few dance studios have this type of
dance. the one i went to from K-3 grade in stock bridge has that type of dance. the other dance studio I went to in Hamburg/Pinkney for two years dosent have that type of dance. pom poms Dancing is a great exercise. Most dancers are really flexible fro the stretches we do Exercise love dance acro is a type of dance where only a few dance studios have it. The one here in town has acro. Acro is a dance for people who are flexible. All About acro Always have fun. Last bit of information about dance always dance, always have fun, always dance your heart out. Dance all the time prop for a dance could po poms every body give a cheer for tap,jazz,hip hop By: Kaylin Janeski
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