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A secret for two

No description

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of A secret for two

The story is 3rd omniscient because it is told in a first person point of view.
Summery of Plot
Do not be fooled by appearance. Take care of Yourself, Friends matters and is important.
Pierre is blind but is faced with the problem of losing his job if anyone finds out.
A Secret for Two

Quentin Reynolds was born April 11, 1902 and died March 17, 1965.

He was a journalist and a world war II war correspondent and he was also a famous author.

Quentin wrote at
least 40 books
during his time
as an author.
Not only was Quentin a great author but he was also at one time a reporter and a sports columnist.

Later After receiving many awards and writing hands full of books his success came to an unexpected end when he passed away from cancer on March 17, 1965.

Setting: It was taken place on Prince Edward st in Montreal, Canada.

Mood: The mood throughout the whole story was very serious and for the most part sad.

Tone: The tone was deep or like the mood pretty serious.

There are various hints that Pierre is blind The first one is when Pierre boasts of Josephs skill. "Why a Blind man could handle my route with Joesph pulling the wagon."
The second one is when Jacques is talking to the businesses corporate president. He says that it looks like Pierre and Joesph have a secret together.
Symbols or Allusions

Personal Response
I liked the story a lot because it showed
quality friendship between the two
characters Joesph and Pierre. I liked the fact
that his way of transportation was the person
he told everything to daily. I dislike that the story
had to end with both characters dieing because id
like to see them having their own business in the

Exposition: For the past 15 years a large horse named Joesph has pulled a wagon of milk.

Problem of the main Character: Pierre attempting to conceal his blindness.

Rising action: Joesph died from old age.

Climax: Pierre is upset by Josephs death. Pierre doesn't see nor hear a truck coming and is hit by the truck.

Resolution: Pierre dies and the paramedic indicates that he has been blind for 15 years.

Pierre: He was very kind and showed not only good quality but he was also an outstanding friend.

Joesph: Pierre had not only a friend but a friend that was reliable smart and fast with white fur.
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