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About me

Introductions - EVO 2014 Crafting your perfect Ebook

Debora Tebovich

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of About me

About me
Hi! I'm Debbie Tebovich
3 things to know about me
I’m a proud mother of a daughter who holds a degree in Pshychology ad works as an educator too.

I’m a freelance ESL teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina, online moderator and an iTDi mentor

I'm a blogger, a storyteller, a passionate learner, a positive thinker, a dreamer …
2 of my favorite things
Searching for beauty
1 thing I would be doing if I weren’t teaching

I’d be traveling the world writing stories about people, kindness, beauty …
1 think I am going to do it … and teaching and learning while traveling.
Doesn’t seem to be so incompatible.
smiling under water
the plum tree in my parent's home
chasing butterflies
flowers in Springtime
smelling scents
the moon on the ocean
good morning sun
Thank you! And I hope we meet soon at Crafting the
e-Perfect e-Textbook. 2014 EVO
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