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Battle Lines Project

No description

Bryan Zhu

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Battle Lines Project

Battle Lines Project
By Bryan Zhu and Rickey Cole
Period 1
Lexington and Concord
April 18-19, 1775, Lexington & Concord, Massachusetts
American Commanders
Captain John Parker
Captain Isaac Davis
Casualties: 49 dead, 41 wounded
British Commander
General Gage
Casualties: 74 dead, 200+ wounded/missing
American victory
Stirred Americans into fighting for their rights
British soldiers fired on minutemen at Lexington
Battle of Bunker Hill
June 17, 1775, Charlestown, Massachusetts
American Commander
Israel Putnam
Casualties: Nearly 500 dead/wounded
British Commander
William Howe
Casualties: 1,000+ dead/wounded
British victory
It proved that the British would not easily overpower the colonists
After the battle, George Washington took command of the Continental army
Battle of Long Island
August 27-29, 1776, Brooklyn, New York
American Commander
George Washington
Casualties: 1,407 lost
British Commander
William Howe
Casualties: 377 lost
British victory
American men started losing confidence and were beginning to disband
British troops chased the Americans across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania
Battle of Trenton
Morning on December 26, 1776, Trenton, New Jersey
American Commander
George Washington
Casualties: None
British Commander
Johann Rall
Casualties: 868 captured
American victory
Convinced William Howe it would take more than capturing New York City
Battle of Princeton
January 3, 1777, Princeton, New Jersey
American Commander
George Washington
Casualties: 70+ dead/wounded
British Commander
Charles Cornwallis
Casualties: 150+ dead/wounded, 300 captured
American victory
Victories at Trenton and Princeton revived the Patriots' morale and sense of liberty
Battle of Saratoga
October 17, 1777, Saratoga County, New York
American Commanders
Horatio Gates
Benedict Arnold
Casualties: 90 dead, 240 wounded
British Commanders
John Burgoyne
Casualties: 440 dead, 700 wounded, 6,220 captured
American victory
Showed the world Patriots weren't hopeless
France & Spain became American allies
Winter at Valley Forge
Treaty of Alliance
Was officially signed on February 6, 1778, Paris, France
Stated the alliance between the French and the Americans
The French government sent:
At Valley Forge, soldiers were well equipped
Patriot cause was no longer so helpless
Battle of Monmouth
June 28, 1778, Monmouth, New Jersey
American Commander
George Washington
Casualties: 500 dead/wounded/captured
British Commander
Sir Henry Clinton
Casualties: 300 dead, 770 wounded, 60 captured
American victory (British were able to slip away to New York)
British failed to conquer any states in the North; war in the North was over
Battle of Flamborough Head
September 23, 1779, off Flamborough Head, North Sea
American Commander ("USS Bonhomme Richard")
John Paul Jones
Casualties: 170 dead/wounded
British Commander ("HMS Serapis")
Richard Pearson
Casualties: 117 dead/wounded, survivors captured, "HMS Serapis" and "Countess of Scarborough" were taken
American victory
British navy was strongest in the world; defeat greatly boosted the American's morale
Insurance rates on imported goods rose, bringing distress to the people of England, who were beginning to disregard the war
Battle of Cowpens
Battle of Yorktown
October 6-19, 1781, Yorktown, Virginia
American Commander
George Washington
Casualties: 88 dead, 301 wounded
British Commander
Charles Cornwallis
Casualties: 250 dead, 450 wounded, 7,500 captured
American victory
Defeat at Yorktown lost any remaining British support for the war
Ended the American Revolutionary War
British soldiers charged up the hill
The Delaware Regiment at the Battle of Long Island
Washington took the Hessians completely by surprise and easily defeated them
Washington rallying his troops at Princeton
Winter of 1777-1778, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
George Washington ran the camp
Friedrich von Steuben
Trained the Continental army properly
Marquis de Lafayette
Bought the army sufficient clothing
Troops' spirits were raised
Were finally sufficiently supplied
Were properly trained
The Continental Army made camp for the winter
General Burgoyne announcing his surrender
Copy of the original Treaty of Alliance
Washington led his troops on the British men
The USS Bonhomme Richard is shown on the right, while on the left is the HMS Serapis
January 17, 1781, Cherokee County, South Carolina
American Commander
Daniel Morgan
Casualties: 25 dead, 124 wounded
British Commander
Banastre Tarleton
Casualties: 110 dead, 229 wounded, 829 captured/missing
American victory
Showed that most African-Americans would rather support the Patriots than the Loyalists
Turning point for the re-control of South Carolina from the British
Unknown African-American saves the life of his commander
The commanders after Cornwallis' surrender
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