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Virginia Jahhrony

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Virginia Enabulele
March 1, 2013
Mr. Brandlin
State Project Report The Peach State Table OF Contents Introdution pg.1

History pg.2

Geography pg.3

Goverment pg.4

People pg.5

Climate pg.6 Introduction History History (continue) Goverment People Climate Georgia's Resources State Symbols Conclusion I chose Georgia because...

I have been to Georgia before.
I would like to learn more about Gerogia
Something you will learn is the population of Georgia. Hernando de Soto was the first explorer to settled in Georgia in 1540.
Gen. James Oglethorpe settled permanantley in 1733.
Some Indian Tribes were the Apalachee, Apalachicola, the Chatot, Cherokee, and the Chiaha. Some Important events were:
1733 Gen. James Oglethorpe and about 120 colinists got to Savannah, 1742 Troops led by Oglethorpe crushed a Spanish landing in the Battle of The Bloody Marsh on St Simons landing. Geography The area of Georgia is 59,420 sq. miles.
Some of Georgia main landforms are:
Blue Ridge mountains. The Govenor of Georgia is Nathan Deal.
The Lt. Govenor is Cassey Cagle.
Georgia is a republican state.
There are 14 U.S House of Represenatives. The population of Georgia is 9,919,945 in Jul.
Some Famous and important people from Georgia are...

Martin Luther Jr., Kanye West, Ray Charles, Glayds Knight. The average temperature is 63.5 degree F, 17.5 degree C.
It is ranked number 5
The annual Precipitation of Georgia is 50.7 inches,and 1287 millimeters.
It is ranked number 7. Some of Georgia's many natural resources include:

forests and lumber
rivers and lakes
coastal shores
marshes and wetlands
marble Maps Political Map

Physical map The State Flag was adopted in January 2001.

The state bird is Brown thrasher
The state flower is Cherokee rose
Georgia's nicknames are Empire State of the South, Peach State. The State Song The thing i like most about Georgia is the its landforms because they are beautiful.
The thing i dislike about Georgia was nothing because i like that state.
The thing that makes Georgia interesting is everything.
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