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Imperialism Research Project

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Faith Rochelle

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Imperialism Research Project

Imperialism Research Project
Faith, Maura and Camron

Culture and History Before Imperialism
Haiti has no official religion 80% study Roman Catholicism, 16% Protestant, 1% none, 3% other religion.
Haiti's government is semi- Presidential/ system republic.
Haiti's ethic groups are 95% African, and 5% Mulatto/ white.
Haitian Revolution was a Slave Revolt in the French Colony of Saint Domingue. Haiti has suffered from cyclones, hurricains, tropical storms, torrential rains, floods and earthquakes.
Haiti's victory took place at Saint Domingo in 1791 August 21 through 1804 January 1.
The most famous person in the war was Tousaint Louverture leader of the Haitian Revolution.
Age Of Imperialism
The first form power to take over Haiti was the French in 1908 through 1915, then the fled because African slaves fought back for there freedom (4 years.)
Haiti was imperialized in 1908-1915 by the French, Haiti was an easy target to imperialize because Haiti suffered from many weather disasters, and it made them a weaker country.
Haiti's form of imperialism was "colony". They forced Haiti slaves to work in hard conditions in the plantations.
Positives- First and only successful slave rebellion which resulted in the creation of a new nation. They were the first colonized country to over throw there slave masters.
Negatives- The French colonized Haiti, and built huge sugar plantations on the fertile Haitian soil. Sugar farming is hard work the plantation owners forced African slaves to work very hard and keep up productions.
With Haiti being imperalized its made the country stronger, and it has made them fight for what they believe.
How did Haiti fight against Imperialism
Haiti won in the Haitian Revolution.
French and Polish Legions were involved in the war.
Haiti became a independent country on January 1, 1804
1791-1799: Toussaint's soldiers fought against French government, Royalists, invaders and free-colored leaders.
It is important that Toussaint Louverture (the leader) stood up for what he believed in, or else who knows what Haiti would be like today.
Geography Of Haiti
Haiti is located in the western hemisphere.
It is a small country located in the Caribbean sea between Cuba and the Dominican Republic.
Haiti's climate is tropical; semiarid where mountians in the east cut off trade winds.
Haiti is in the region of the Caribbean Greater Antlles.
Haiti's longest river is Aribonite River.
The largest lake in Haiti is Etang Sumatre.
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