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Shoshone Tribe; Prezi #01

John Holmlund

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of jonesamy7

John Holmlund, Griffin Molloy, Julian Gambacurta The Shoshone Tribe California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming Location Mountains, lakes, deserts Place Rocky Mountains: Some of the highest peaks in North America. Region Human Environment Interaction Variety of desert animals
fruits, nuts, berries

They would eat whatever they could find in the desert Movement Shelter The Shoshone moved place to place never making permanent settlement. They would fallow were ever The Shoshone tribe lived in huts called Pinon huts near a forest of Pinon trees: an abunt type of tree in the mid-west Intermountain: Peaks, plateaus, deep canyons, and dry, sandy deserts. Movement The Shoshone moved place to place never making permanent settlements. They would follow wherever the food was. The Lewis and Clark exploration played a big part in the Shoshone tribe. Sacajawea was a part of the Shoshone who was the translator for them. The Shoshone were later forced on to reservations. Intermountain: Peaks, plateaus, deep canyons, and dry, sandy deserts Steppe and desert: Hot days and cool nights. They lived in the Great Basin. Food Tools Shoshone tools include woven baskets and water jugs, bows, and spears. (they didn't have any farming tools because the ground were they lived wasn't good enough to grow crops) Clothing they used a traditional animal hide to weave clothes they added things such as beads or feathers Works Cited Slide 1: legendsofamerica.com Slide 5: learner.org Slide 7: yellowstonepark.com Slide 10: en.wikipedia.org Slide 12: fs.fed.us Slide 14: bluepeak.net Slide 15: planetozkids.com Slide 17: shannontech.com
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