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Plato's Ideal Society

No description

Trinity Araiza

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Plato's Ideal Society

Plato's Ideal Society
What was Plato's ideal society?
Plato described a perfect society as one where everyone lived harmoniously and without the fear of violence or material possession. He believed that political life in Athens was to rowdy and that no one would be able to live a good life with that kind of democracy.
The Auxiliaries
Warriors/ military
-Protected Society
> They were devoted exclusively to war. The members of this class must be courageous and intellectually gifted.
>They must be philosophic; so that they will be able to identify who the true enemies of the state really are.

Upper Class
-Had political power because they were considered wise
*known as the guardians*
- Also had power because Plato believed that good society could only happen when "political power and philosophy meet together."
The Masses
> The masses was everyone else; those who were not in the upper classes
>The masses were driven by nothing but their desires
Who Was Plato?
> Plato was a student of the Greek Philosopher Socrates
>Plato wrote down his thoughts and ideas unlike Socrates
> Plato is the author of the book "The Republic",which explains hid ideas about the government.
> He believes that men and women should have the same education and access to all positions in society.

Created by:
> Emilie Williams
> Alan Avalos
>Trinity Araiza
>Jay Williams
>Serenity Lopez
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