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If I Stay

No description

Emily Belew

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of If I Stay

If I Stay
By: Gayle Forman
Info about the author
Gayle Forman
Born: June 5, 1970
Lives in Brooklyn, New York
Gayle Forman began her career as a writer for Seventeen Magazine, and most of her articles focused on social and young people concerns.
In 2002, her and her husband went traveling around the world and that is how she was inspired to write her first book
You Can't Get There From Here: A Year On The Fringes Of A Shrinking World
Historical Period
Significance of Opening Scene
Plot Summary
Mia Hall is a very talented cellist who has got a bright future ahead of her in music. Everything in her life is perfect, then tragedy strikes. Her and her family are in a terrible car accident that leaves her in a coma and stuck between life and death. As she watches her family and friends react to the horrible accident, she realizes that she will have to make the ultimate decision- if she will live after this life changing event or if she will slip away and die.
Most of
If I Stay
takes place at a hospital in Oregon where Mia is rushed to after her and her family are in a car accident.
Love can last through anything- At the beginning of the book Mia is sent to the ICU after her and her family are in a car accident. Throughout the book Mia's family and friends are by her side no matter what and it even brings her family closer together.
"I realize now that dying is easy, living is hard." (pg.175)
"There are like twenty people in the waiting room right now. Some of them are related to you. Some of them are not. But we are all your family." (pg.220)
1st Quote- Living is the hard part because it is filled with decisions, choices, pain, regret, and sorrow. Dying is easier because you simply just let go of all that pain that you have inside of you.
Vocabulary Words
Reverberates- echo- "So when Adam's voice
from the hallway outside the ICU, it really wakes everyone up." (pg. 105)
Hoists- to raise- "Without another word she
his arm around her shoulder and shift his weight onto her." (pg. 108)
Cordial- warm and friendly- "He and Kim remain
but distant, no matter how much I tried to sell them to each other." (pg. 116)
Literary Devices
Flashback- "When I first started playing the cello, dad was still in his band, though that all start to taper off when Teddy was born." (pg. 125)
Point of view- "Am I dead? I actually have to ask myself this." (pg. 19)
Foreshadowing- "Everyone thought it was because of the snow. And in a way I suppose that's true." (pg. 3)
Significance of Closing Scene
The closing scene of
If I Stay
is Mia laying in her hospital bed with her boyfriend by her side begging her to stay. She thought she knew what she was going to do but now she has no clue. Then, she finally makes her decision.
If you lost everything would you stay or would you die?
Other writings:
Where She Went
Just One Year
Sister's In Sanity
Just One Day
In 2009, She wrote her second book
If I Stay
She later become a freelance journalist for magazines like Glamour Magazine.
The historical period of
If I Stay
is not really stated but you know the storyline is written in a modern time period because it mentions how the hospitals have CAT scans, helicopters that airlift patients, and Mia is trying to get into Julliard.
The genre of
If I Stay
is a Young-Adult Fiction because it deals with situations that teenagers are more likely to deal with and it is written for a younger audience.
The opening of
If I stay
starts out like any other day would at the Hall household. When the kids are called out of school due to snow, the family decides to take a drive to visit some family and that decision alters Mia's life forever.
Would you be willing to give up something you worked so hard for to be with your family?
Can one decision truly change someone's life forever?
2nd Quote- At the beginning of the book Mia saw your family as being the people who are related to you by blood. When her friend Kim comes and talks to her in the hospital, she realizes that your family is made up of the people who love and care about you.
Did she stay or did she go?
Choice- The whole book is about Mia having to choose if she is going to stay or die.
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