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Personal Narrative

No description

Julie Silverman

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Personal Narrative

Show, Don't Tell!
Decide on an event you want to talk about
Organize a time line of what happened during the event.
What happened first? next? last?
Be aware of your audience. Write your personal narrative to let them experience the event through your words.
Use your five senses!
What did you hear, see, etc. during the event?
Think about how you felt during the event.
Conclude by reflecting on your experience
What did you learn from this event? Why is it such an important memory?

Personal Narrative
Conclusion: Thinking as Teachers!
When do you think is a good time to introduce them to kids?
How might you incorporate personal narratives into your classroom?
It can be an event that affected you strongly because it taught you a lesson, involved special people in your life, raised a lot of emotion, was fun or scary, etc.
Use the graphic organizer handout to brainstorms some ideas about your first day at clinic this semester that you might include in a personal narrative

After a few minutes of writing, discuss some of the things you wrote about with your table group

Volunteers can come up to the front and share their personal narrative ideas
What is a 'Personal Narrative'?
A personal narrative is a story about something that you have experienced in your own life.
Use this graphic organizer to help you get your thoughts together
So, how is this different from a Biography?
Example of a personal narrative:
How is this different from a narrative essay?
Biographies tend to focus on the life of someone. Personal narratives are about one specific event in your life.
it can be about yourself (an auto-biography) or about someone else (a biography). Personal narratives are always about yourself.
Biographies are usually written in third person (he, she, you) where personal narratives are usually written in first person (I).
A narrative tells a story about an event, but it doesn't necessarily have to tell about an even that happened to you. Personal narratives only tell about a story you experienced PERSONALLY.
Melanie Glaser and Julie Silverman
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