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JetBlue Internal Analysis

No description

Sara Farmer

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of JetBlue Internal Analysis

Question 1: What internal resources and
capabilities does JetBlue have that may
give it a competitive advantage?
Leadership and Venture Connection

Well thought out Routes and Acquisition

Efficient Infrastructure

1. Superior knowledge and leadership (Intangible)

2. Extensive venture capitalist support (tangible)

3. Highly efficient infrastructure (tangible)

4. Highly attractive branding / marketing (Intangible)

5. Well thought-out routes and acquisition of
Aer Lingus (Organizational Capabilities)

Supported Activities
Question 2. How does JetBlue use these resource and capabilities in crafting and executing its strategy?
Aiming to become “The America’s Favorite Airline”

Vision “to bring humanity back to air travel”

Offering customers distinctive service at low fair while
keeping it cost low.

Segment focus: Business travelers and fare-conscious leisure.

Strategy Execution
Distinctive Customer Service
New aircrafts, more legroom
Point-to-point route system serving under-served and metropolitan areas.
Diversified schedule limiting delay and lost luggage.
Live TV on board, attractive amenities
Friendly employees

Question 3. Is JetBlue’s competitive advantage sustainable? Why?
We will assess the competitive advantage through JetBlue's Resource Based View as well as the firm's Financial Ratios and Analysis
Research Based View

Is it valuable?
Is it rare?
Is it hard to be imitated?
Is it hard to be substituted?
JetBlue's Assets
Most valuable resource: David Neeleman

- Experience and ingenuity

- Brought new and own innovations to the table

- Pioneered the electronic ticketing system
Extremely well thought out infrastructure

-Fleet was all same make and model- Airbus A320

-Chosen over more popular Boeing 737

-Lower training and maintenance costs
Primary Activities
1. Develop a disaster response-training program.

2. Improving Customer Service

Recommendations Con't.
3. Continue to Integrate Low Cost and Differentiated Strategy

4. Leverage Social Capital to Venture Capital Investor to expand business function and support

5. Create New Venture or Subsidiary – Such as Regional Airline in South America and East Asia
Thank you!

Any Questions?
JetBlue Company Website

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JetBlue's Airbus a320
Low cost – low fare
Strong financial support enables JetBlue to purchases single-type aircraft fleet
Low cost of fuel, maintenance and training.
Paperless cockpit – quicker take offs and turnaround
High employee and aircraft utilization
E-ticket system

Financial Ratio Analysis
Sustainable Advantage?
JetBlue has strong resources which give it a competitive advantage,

However, it is not enough to compete in the very competitive environment of Airline industry

Need to maintain their value, rarity, inimitably and be non substitutable.

In it’s current state, JetBlue does not have a sustainable competitive advantage.
Revenue Growth
Operating Efficiency
Historical Data 2003 -2012
Financial Health,
Growth Potential,

Financial Health
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