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Martin O Brien

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Floriculture

Martin O Brien
Billie-Jade McNeill
Aidan Mc Court
Robin O'Leary Our Project Floriculture is an interactive virtual garden that will be of therapeutic value to people with cognitive degeneration. The Meaning of the Garden The Benefits of Horticulture in our Virtual Environment In defining our project we asked ourselves can we create a multimedia experience that will evoke a sense of well-being and independence for the user. The Value of Virtual Environments The emerging importance of VEs in medical practice. To the people who have dreamed up gardens they were ‘not merely places of beauty but places of meaning’. The cultural significance of the garden throughout the world. The benefits of gardening to the older adult “Perceived control is basic to human functioning. For the young and old alike, we create environments that enhance a sense of control and personal efficacy.” by Ellen Langer (1983), The importance of retaining a sense of control. The capacity of VE technology to create dynamic three-dimensional (3D) stimulus environments. Casala and VE technology for older people. Can an interactive-multimedia experience help combat this problem? Our Installation Why Floriculture? Hyperlinks to Animations New and Innovative Inclusive Design Research Driven Concept “Clinicians have recognized VR’s potential as a useful tool for the study, assessment, and rehabilitation of cognitive processes and functional abilities" Brown et al, 1997; Pugnetti et al, 1995; Rizzo & Buckwalter, 1997; Rose, 1996 We believe that our installation is a multi faceted project. Not only will it address the Digital Divide but it will also be of therapeutic value to people suffering with cognitive degeneration. Examples of a sunflower and a daisy growing in the garden Technology The technologies we are using and testing for our installation Xfrog in Cinema 4D
Adobe Flash
Adobe Illustrator Research Theorists A Rizzo. (2000). Virtual RealityProceedings. Giuseppe Riva (1997). Virtual Reality in Neuro-psycho-physiology. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychlogy. Thank you for listening McIntosh, C. (2005) Gardens of the Gods : Myth, Magic and Meaning in Horticulture. Brown, J. (1999) The Pursuit of Paradise: A Social History of Gardens and Gardening. McIntosh, C (2005) Gardens of the Gods : Myth, Magic and Meaning in Horticulture. Cracknell, R. (2010). The ageing population. Carstensen, L. (2006). Growing Old or Living Long: Take Your Pick. Dana Bloedel, Sara Baumgarten, Nancy Bores, and Kari Fanetti. Faculty Sponsor: Sally, Huffman MS, OTR, Occupational Therapy Department, 2000, The Ageing Population The Digital Divide Team Roles Martin O Brien - Project Manager & Lead Interactions Aidan Mc Court - Lead Animations Billie Jade Mc Neill - Designer , Audio & Blogger Robin O Leary - Lead Programmer & Ass Interactions Interactions We have looked at different ways of interacting with our product.
We looked at the Graphical user interface. The Natural User Interface and the Tangible User Interface.

Upon researching our target audience we deemed it would be best to use the Tangible Interface.

The software we will be using for this will be Reactivision.

Fiducial markers will be attached to tangible objects which the user will move to interact with the installation.

Still to be researched in more detail. Audio Audio has a major part to play in our product.

There is a widespread belief that natural sounds evoke a sense of relaxation and well being within people. It is widely believed that these sounds are of therapeutic benefit to people of all ages.

We feel that natural sounds will compliment our project enormously.

It is this sense of calm and relaxation that we are hoping to achieve, and we feel that both the interface, and audio, will be of equal compliment to each other in the installation. Example of Audio The Importance of Usability Visual Impairment •Cataracts
•Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
•Diabetic Eye Disease
•Retinitis Pigmentosa

(Prof AJ Jackson and Prof C O’Brien, 2008) Elements considered & Researching •Use of Color & Contrast.
•Size of animations.
•Avoid using text.
•A large screen.
•Lighting in the room and on-screen.
•Types of screens suitable. " new study (2011) commissioned by NCBI shows that there are 224,000 people living with
sight loss in Ireland. About 65% of all people who are visually impaired are aged 50 and
(Blaithin Anna Mary Gallagher, Emma Murphy, Antoinette Fennell, Vol 8, No1, 2012) Why Tangible? Graspable.

The use of ambient display media such as light, sound, airflow, and water movement in an augmented space can enable users to become immersed in the experience rather than the technology. - Ishii.

The goal of Tangible Bits is to bridge
the gaps between both cyberspace and the physical
environment, as well as the foreground and background of human activities. We are using a website called TeamWork PM to plan our project over the next few months. Nurturing Spontaneous Cognition Directed Attention and Soft Fascination. What Makes a Garden a Healing Garden? Ulrika Stigsdotter and Patrick Grahn (2002). Reminiscence Theory. Symbolism and the Unconscious Mind. Communication Blog
http://dkitgroupprojectyear4.wordpress.com/ Twitter
https://twitter.com/Floriculture3 Private Facebook Page The Virtual Garden idea sounds innovative and could have benefit to the target population. I've been away in the US for work the past 2 weeks and Olive was away the week I was talking to you guys. So I'll chat to her about the potential of testing your system with some of the patients there. Julie Doyle, Casala Dan Davies (dan@ablelinktech.com) 15/11/2012
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