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No description

roy van dijk

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Powned

Male (77%)
Young 18-40 (65%)
High education (58% HBO/WO)
Network generation
"Nerd" Average of 27 year old
Sharpen opinions by discussing them amongst each other
Strongly interested in politics
Build in Bull-shit detector
Not taken seriously by the "old media"
Hunger for actualities
Raw Provocative Uncensored Stubborn Intelligent - Babyboomers Broadcast bigots Anonymous Cowards Acne-riddled 16 year olds Digital harassers Low education (VMBO) Wilders adepts Identity Stubborn Intelligent Provocative Uncensored Innovative Raw Fysical Identity Rebelious Unsencored (Morbid) sense of humor Straightforward Not entirely objective Image Childish Dumb Too provocative Uncensored Annoying/irritating Bored Target audience Problem:
The babyboom generation still harbors many prejudices towards the network generation. They point their arrows especially at PowNed members and Geenstijl visitors because they're making a lot of noise... Solution:
People always fear what they don't know or don't understand, so let's make them get to know each other... Talks/discussion Lights, camera, action! "Reaguurders" Vs. Politicians "Reaguurders" Vs. Politicians Television snippets "Reaguurders" Vs. Politicians Concept and media usage The "loser" wins... ... and gets PowNed! Referring to... Geenstijl.nl Additional Media coverage... A politician with a PowNed tatoo...
'nuff said A.k.a. The end?
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