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Owen Grottick

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of fractions

What is a fraction?
a fraction is a number that tells how much of a whole is being used Fractions This is an example of what a fraction looks like.
A numerator is the top number above the line.
A denominator is the bottom number under the line. Is the same as These are some kinds of fractions i like. This is an equivalent fraction.
They both have the same amount of space token up in the whole. 1/4th is smaller because it is only a quater.
1 over 2 is bigger because it is half. There are a couple of different kinds of fractions there is the proper fraction. Which is when the numerator(the top number) is smaller then the denominator(the bottom number). A improper fraction is when the numerator is bigger then the denominator. A mixed fraction is when there's a whole number in front of the fraction. this is an improper fraction. this is a mixed fraction This is how to add two fractions. + = 1 over 5 times 3 =15
1 times 3= 3
1 over 3 times 5 =15
1 times 5 =5 so it all comes together to 3 over 15 and 5 over 15
so it equals 8 over 15. This is a subtraction questin - = 1 over 4 times 3 is 3 over 12.
1 over 3 times 4 is 4 over 12.
the questin is now 3 over 12
and 4 over 12. the answer is 7 over 12. 3 times one over 2 = 3 over 6 so if you reduce that it still equals 1 over 2. < this is rap song about fractions. this is a song about what a fraction is. this is another song about fractions. this is another video about fractions.
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