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Charles Darwin

No description

Jada Santos

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin was a British scientist and naturalist, who is best known for laying the foundations of the theory of evolution.
Darwin's Studies
How His Ideas Became Accepted By Society
Darwin's ideas led to a radically different worldview on the part of many European thinkers.
Altered political thinking, contributing to fascism, communism, and two world wars.
Values based of Judeo-Christian teaching on human life also began to erode.
Provided an alternative explanation to the biblical account of creation, it effectively led to doubts on everything in the bible, including moral laws.
Questioning a part of the bible meant questioning the whole bible, and was attacked for his theory. Went against the belief of creation by God and followed a new theory of evolution and natural selection.
As time went on, people began to look at the evidence, and found truth in his theory.
By Jada S., Athina C., Sabiha V., and Dominique B.
Charles Darwin

Studies of specimens led him to his theory of evolution and natural selection.
Studied wildlife on Galapagos Islands and realized the finches on each island were a bit different from one another.
After nearly 30 years decided that his theory of evolution was by natural selection.
Darwin's Theory
Darwin's theory of evolution is that all life is related and descended from a common ancestor. Darwin also brought up the mechanism "natural selection", the preservation of a functional advantage that enables an animal to compete better in the wild.

Claim Testers
Authority: Darwin had the authority to speak about his studies because he was an experienced naturalist and a biologist.
Darwin's evidence included the finches themselves. He took note of the beaks sizes, the shapes and where they lived. His studies of DNA fossils also showed comparisons of organism structures.
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