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The Science Police

No description

JaVante' Minyard

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Science Police

The Science Police
The Science Police
The Science Police was published on September 20, 1998
The Subject of the Article
The subject of this Article is the police of science
The Central Idea
The cental idea of the article "The Sciene Police"(1998) is that you can't accuse a person for something if you don't have enough evidence.

Supporting Facts of the Central Idea
The article lists these two statements
"only in America are people so judmental and moralistic, so quick to cry fraud and to spy conspiracy"
isn't thisanother example of wht richard hofstadter once memorably called the paranoid style in American politics
Summary of the Article
In 1975, a high powered biology professsor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, received a Nobel Prize for his discovery of retroviruses and the elucidation of thier way of reproducing themselves. Another scientist tried the experiment but failed in gaining the correct end results, the scientist then acknowledged the public. This scientist along with another group of scientist bonded together to disprove the biology professor but only made themslves and the professor look bad. Due to lack of evidence the act upon fraud couldn't be proved. Then a "latter day McCarthy" with the scientist that wrongly accused the biology professor of fraud as his stooge, targeted a witch hunt by the science police, but only made themselves look unprofessional. The scientist was found not guilty, but should he have been tried at all. Later the article states "only in America are people so judgemental and quick to cry fraud and to spy conspiracy."
By: JaVante' Minyard

My Opinion of the Article
My opinion of this article is that it is very absurb how they couldn't come up with the correct final results. This is a great reading and closely relates to the crucibal by the misconduct of false accusations. I feel that they could have thought about their actions before they accused the biology professor of fraud.
MLA Citation
Roy, Porter. "The Science Police" New York Times m 14 September 1998. Web
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