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Cultural Coaching

No description

Paavo Pyykkönen

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Cultural Coaching

Inclusion strategy vs. European Programme
Pilot Project
Recruitment of coaches from different communities
Building team spirit
Agreeing on objectives
Agreeing on working ways
Training coaches nationally and internationally
Changing the Strategy
Recruiting young adults from organisations to European trainings
Developing project building skills
Offering coaching from experienced promoters (cross-community)
Building a voluntary network of coaches
Targeted trainings for groups - with the help of the coaches
Spreading activities to the rest of Finland
Cultural Coaching
Young Immigrants' Integration into Youth in Action Programme and Society
Rules of the Programme
Building of Strategy
Building Spirit in European Cooperation
Facing Challenges
Common challenge, common strategy
SALTO Cultural Diversity
immigrant young people
ethnic minorities
roma young people
national minorities
language minorities
Lacking project skills
Lacking time / resources
Lacking direct contact to young people
Lacking support from organisations
Making Progress
Spreading information
Coaching groups
Submitting applications
Implementing projects
invitation to meet in three languages
meeting with key people
attendance of an experienced peer
step-by-step plan
Real Benefits to Be Happy about
YiA is recognised in communities
New organisations apply
Experienced support newcomers
New communities participate
Young women participate
Start of the Cultural Coach Pilot
Clear need for local action
"Connecting People"
2009 Starting Seminar in Finland
2010 Coaching Skills Training in UK
2011 Mentoring of Coaches
2011 Cultural Coach Fair in Finland
Putting Things in Perspective
5 451 270
202 171
What would you change in your local reality,
if I gave you 6 100 euros?
So, questions?
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