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Top 5 Grievances from the Declaration of Independence

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connor corsini

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Top 5 Grievances from the Declaration of Independence

Top 5 Grievances from the Declaration of Independence
#5 Kept Standing Armies Among Us
I believe this is the least grievance because of the fact that the armies did protect them, even if it was only a little. Although I think that it was unnecessary to have them, because the colonists could defend themselves. What this grievance means is that the King kept military soldiers in the colonies without our consent. There was no apparent reason for the King doing this, but as to make them surrender from fear. Info from colonialhall.com
#4 Imposed taxes without consent
I believe this is number four because it still kind of exists today. We do have a say in the taxes, but when I buy things I have to pay taxes even though I don't have a say. This grievance means that they were taxed without our consent because we had no say at all. The reason for all the taxes was because that the treasury was drained by war and they thought that immediate taxing on the Colonies would be the best thing to do. Info from colonialhall.com
I think that this is the 3 worst grievance because he took away the rights of the colonists. He made it so they didn't have a say in the government. This was why all the taxes happened because the colonists weren't there to say that this isn't fair. This grievance most displeased the British parliament. Whenever the colonies tried to have a say in government, the King said they couldn't. Info from colonialhall.com
#2 For cutting off our trade
I think that this is the 2 worst grievance because they couldn't trade with anyone without it going through Britain first. This meant that the king could raise the prices of thing so that Britain would make more money and the colonies wouldn't make much. The New England colonies were the first to have this done to them. Info from colonialhall.com
#1 Not allowing a fair trial
I think that this is the worst grievance because the king still considered them British citizens but, would not give them a fair trial. If charged with a crime, a citizen in Great Britain would get a trial in court. However, if a citizen in the colonies was charged they would be charged by a single man appointed by the king who did not witness the crime. This meant it was an unfair trial. Our rule is innocent until proven guilty, but the way it worked back then was it was guilty until proven innocent.
#3 Dissolved Representative Houses Repeatedly
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