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No description

manuela pinto sossa

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Australia

Valentina valencia
Valentina Chacon
Manuela Pinto
Nicolas Peña

In general
*Continet: Oceania (most small in the world)
* Capital: Canberra
* Largest: city Sydney

* Population:
• 2016 estimate 24,188,900

*Currency Australian dollar
*Fav season:
* First lenguaje: English
* Independence from the United Kingdom




(no anymore part of uk)


Queen Elizabeth ll
-• Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Lenguaje and religion
Australia has no official language, English has always been entrenched as the de facto national language. Australian English is a major variety of the language with a distinctive accent and lexicon,and differs slightly from other varieties of English in grammar and spelling.

Australia has no state religion;
Australians were counted as Christian,"no religion", Buddhism,Islam,Hinduism and Judaism.

* A third of Australia is desert (mainly in the middle);90 % of Australians live on the coast.

*Australia is the sixth greatest country in the world .

*And the only country that is also a continent even the smallest.

*Australia is the country with less population density
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