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Assessment 1, Topic 1 Web Architecture

Website Production

Julie Warner

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Assessment 1, Topic 1 Web Architecture

Assignment 1 topics

Topic 1: Web architecture
Topic 2: Web components
Topic 3: Web functionality
Topic 1: Introduction to web architecture

Internet Service Providers
Web hosting services
Domain structure
Domain name
World Wide Web
Internet Service Providers
Assignment 1
Web Architecture and Components
(Topic 1)

Each website is identified by an IP address. This is a unique number e.g.
Difficult to remember – meaningless to website content - easy to mistype
A website needs to buy a domain name which is linked to the IP address
Domain name is between the prefix [www] and the suffix [.com] e.g. www.
Easy/easier to remember and meaningful to website content
Short names or catchy phrases are best. E.g. webuyanycar
Should consider similar domain names e.g. www.edexcel.com also owns www.edexcel.co.uk, www.edexel.com and www.edecel.com
Web Hosting Services
Domain Structures
Domain Names
World Wide Web
ISPs Continued
All websites must be hosted on a web server
A website owner can host a website themselves, but they must have the equipment and a connection that can cope with the number of users accessing the website
It is easier and more cost effective to use a web hosting service
How the Internet works
The internet is simply a network of computer networks made up from clients, servers and interconnection devices.
Web Hosting Services cont'd

The website owner pays for space on a web server
The web host also provides website management facilities such as maintaining uptime, traffic monitoring and technical support
Fees are based on what the website owner wants. For example; eCommerce will require more of the host’s bandwidth than a static website would. It would also require additional features such as storage of data
An Internet Service Provider [ISP] provides the connection to the rest of the world. They link a web server with the Internet
The ISP determines what type/speed of connection they have. If an ISP provides a maximum of 1Mb then that is the fastest connection any user using that ISP can get
Different ISPs provide different competitive features; speeds, levels of capping (maximum upload/download per month), prices, and additional features such as free email, web space on web server, support etc.
Most areas of the UK are serviced by several ISPs
Remote areas are serviced by fewer ISPs
Nationally, the level of Internet connection is increasing all the time
Domain Names cont'd
Type in www.havering-sfc.ac.uk to find our IP address:
Type in to find who this IP address belongs to:
The Internet is the physical structure. E.g. hardware, cabling, routers, servers etc.
Worldwide Web [www] is the content. E.g. webpage content
Tim Berners-Lee (an English computer scientist) invented hypertext, now known as hyperlinks, which is the tool that underpins the www and allows the content of the Internet to exist
Inventor of the Worldwide Web
Combining the Internet and the WWW
Websites that provide and manage domain names
Your website domain name, if unique, will be added to the register, at a price
A domain name registry is a database of all domain names registered
McDonalds bought the domain name from a small town hardware store owner whose store name was McDonalds. He had already registered the domain name
Registrars continued
This part is the domain name
This part is the top level domain – also known as the extension or suffix
This part is the directory where the web page lives
“Domain Names” have three different parts
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