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interpreting solutions

Advertising Management

Alexandra Bertone

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of interpreting solutions

Interpreting Soluntions, LLC Alexandra Bertone &
Ann Harwerth about the company sign language interpreting company
founded in 2005
based out of Osawatomie, KS
serves the Kansas City Metro area graphs week 1 week 2 week 3 we only targeted Kansas and Missouri
our daily budget was $9 per day
our max cost per click was $ .90
started with 37 keywords

we changed our geophraphics to include Kansas and Missouri, as well as Nebraska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa and Oklahoma
we changed our daily budget to $10 per day
we changed our cost per click to $1.50
we added 15 keywords
we changed our geographics to include the entire United States, except for Hawaii and Alaska
we deleted 27 keywords
findings our clicks always went down during the weekend. we think this happened because Interpreting Solutions, LLC provides services to schools, businesses, legal appointments, etc. and they usually operate during the week.
our clicks always went back up on Sunday because the company interprets for churches.

we also found that when we increased our geographics to include the rest of the entire United States, our clicks, click through rate and impressions did not go down. we think this is because the company only serves the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas. best performing keywords:
asl sign language
american sign language
sign language
sign language translation
deaf language recommendations if we could do this all over again we would:
use fewer keywords: we used all words and phrases that were associated with sign language and used them as keywords because we wanted to get the attention of all people who googled anything that had to do with sign language or being deaf.
use more than one Ad Group: we only used one ad group because the company's owner wanted to improve upon her sign language division; not her Spanish interpreting because she wants to get rid of that division. we would use Ad Groups such as
"doctor", "courtroom", "education" etc. because these are the places where the company performs its services. this would be helpful because the company could tell which industry uses her services the most.
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