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Lemuel Javier

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Now, what are the consequences of substance use and abuse? Community agencies that are involved in education, prevention or treatment of substance use and abuse can help you out when in need. Guidance counselors are a school resource version of a community agency. They're the people who are a bit more friendly and not anonymous, so then you can feel more comfortable when you talk to them. Besides from using substances to help contain stress and other issues. Down below will show you alternative and postive ways. Hello fellow student, I will lead you through this presentation about Substance
Abuse Let's take a look. The Consequences can happen from the impact on family and friends to financials.
But for now, we will go for school-related since this is about you, the student.
Using and abusing substances can... Lower your grades Make you skip classes And you will have trouble concentrating These consequences may not seem harmful, but they really are. Having atleast one of these consequences can affect your whole life. A good example could be "Kids Help Phone". This agency gives advice not to just only to the kids, but the teens to. This works by having the person having a problem call them and the reciever is know to be anonymous. Their advice ranges from bullying to violence and abuse. This presentation obviously concludes that drugs can affect your life and leave a permament dent in it. The one that you will regret.
Now I will congrat you for watching this presentation and I give you a smiley face just for that.
And remember, drugs that will ruin your life or a healthy lifestyle that you will happy of it. Credits

Created By:
Lemuel J.

Created with: You can follow them on But unlike community agencies, the counselor knows about the student so the he/she would know the the student is going through. The counselor may have more experince than the agencies because he/she actually meets the student face to face. This makes a school rescource better than the agencies. There are many ways positive and alternative ways to handle this. Here I will list only the few. Yoga
Classes Therapy Doing what you loved doing.
(Aside from drugs) Background Sound

Jamil McGregor Dubstep Remix - Woodkid - Iron
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