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Sungha Jung

The YouTube Guitarist

Grace Goyone

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Sungha Jung

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist Sungha Jung About Sungha Jung He currently has over 500 million views and over 1,000,000 subscribers. Musical Career Equipment He uses finger and thumb picks when he plays most of the time, occasionally the normal pick What I like My Opinion About His Music Now a professional fingerstyle acoustic guitarist Sungha's rise to fame was through YouTube, and by uploading his covers, compostions, and arrangments onto YouTube He started to play the guitar at 9 years old Sungha Jung plays a wide range of genres He was inspired to play guitar by his father, who played for fun,and Ulli Bogershausen a german guitarist. Genre and Playing Techniques "Dear Sungha Jung, I just witnessed your performance of ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! Thank you for a beautiful performance. John Lennon would have been happy that you performed his song so well. Lots of love, Yoko Ono Lennon" born on September 2, 1996 in South Korea. taught himself how to play the guitar, by ear Rise to Fame He uses a Lakewood custom acoustic guitar Sungha's debt album, "Perfect Blue" was released in June, 2010 His second album "Irony" was released in September 2011 guitarists world wide were able to see his talent and work with him. He started working with many guitarists for his and theirs tours He can also play: piano ukulele guitalele harp ukulele electric guitar 12 string guitar drums And is also taking vocal lessons Farewell he can play classical, old pop, Korean pop music, blues, contemporary and many more uses pull offs, hammer on, slides, bends, slaps etc. composed and played by Sungha Jung its great to listen to, relaxing, joyful, comforting he makes his own arrangements of popular songs ex. Payphone, I'm Yours, Gangnam Style, Adele songs, etc... a.k.a Korean August Rush the different techniques he uses makes music sound unique and original Has toured in the U.S, France, Germany, Singapore, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia and Thailand ect.
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