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How are different religions stereotyped in the media?


Jordynn Beach

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of How are different religions stereotyped in the media?

Buddhism How Are Religions Stereotyped In The Media? Christianity The movies Bulletproof Mon and Little Buddha, Kundun.
The cartoon Avatar on Nick.
The media/movies/tv shows makes them seem like they have spiritual powers. How Are Mormons Stereotyped In The Media mormonmommyblogs.com is a great example of some stereotypes the Mormon community have to deal with and some of the "labels'' Mormons have on them with the media. these are some examples of the stereotypes the media labels the Mormons as;
Mormons don't drink soda
Mormons have huge families
Mormon women always wear skirts and are just like the Amish
Mormons don't drink soda
all Mormons are republican How Are Jewish People Stereotyped In The Media? An NBC episode of Law and Order had recently aired a show in which a Christian college student was being judged for being homosexual and was found guilty for making death threats to the professor who judged him wrong. Gary Cass has stated that "Christians are often the victims of violence and not the ones who cause it. He noted that it is really rare from around the world of Christians murdering a Muslim or a Hindu but frequent news on Hindus murdering Christians. In some shows like ,"Southpark'' , "The Simpsons" and 'Family Guy", Jews are labeled as cheap, greedy and with big noses. Even though some Jews do have these characteristics, it doesn't necessarily mean all Jewish people are like that. some media where jews are being stereotyped. this is an example of the show "family guy" making fun of jews and how jews are being stereotyped . this is how jewish people are pro trade in the media, love for money, get hurt real easy, being greedy , and having big noses. this is one of the few short clips i could find on you tube of family guy and their not really making fun of mormons but their trieng to say thats hoe mormons became to be one examples of mormons being stereotyped in the media Muslims After 9/11, racism against Muslims and Islam became a form of "free speech" in the West. Muslims and Islam were subjected to widespread abuse and bashing. Publishing houses competing to make money from this commercialized business of producing books made up of rubbish and fabricated images of Islam and Muslims. Countless obscure university scholars and intellectuals suddenly appeared on TV screens and treated as "experts" on Islam by the mainstream media. They project the manufactured and distorted images of Islam. This corporate picture of Islam is a depressing and misleading one. http://www.countercurrents.org/hr-hassan170704.htm Islam In crime dramas such as CSI or Criminal Minds, Muslim women are almost always represented as victims of male domestic violence; women’s appearances in police films or television shows are often cut short by a male who asserts that he is in charge Hinduism stereotypes commonly referred to as smelly.
called terrorist
Following 9/11, bin Laden and his al-Qaida associates were often shown in media reports wearing white turbans. Combine that with a lack of basic knowledge about the estimated 500,000 Sikhs living in the U.S. and you get tragic -- and sometimes violent -- cases of mistaken identity
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/08/sikhs-turban-symbol-target_n_1753489.html Examples of Hindus being stereotyped
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