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Environmental Pollution

Discuss many challenges caused by environmental pollution and 1 specific opportunity for enterprising engineers like you when you graduate.

Sher Lin Ng

on 3 October 2011

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Transcript of Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution
Air Pollution
Land Pollution
3 main types of pollutions
Water Pollution
Pollutants discharged w/o adequate treatment
Major global problem
Leading worldwide cause of deaths & diseases
More than 14,000 people die daily
Many countries still lack of safe drinking water
Even developed, industrialized countries struggle with pollution problems
Damaging to populations, species, natural biological communities
Irresponsibility of oneself imposes onto others

Hire more cleaners to clear up the rubbish
Land pollution in Singapore occurs mainly in 3 ways:
1. Littering

2. Poor waste management from domestic areas

3. Poor waste management from construction
sites and industrial estates
Introduce harmful substances into the environment

Not only damages the environment, but damages us also

Continue to live in our own filth
Poor Waste Management
Singaporeans have a name for these people; they are called "Litter Bugs".

Dirties the environment that everyone share
" No Littering" sign
is placed everywhere,
however, many Singaporeans still go aroung littering.
Poor waste management
Business Idea
Homes and offices produces large amount of domestic waste

Packaging materials, plastic bottles and unfinished food

Piles of dirty and rotting materials
Singapore Energy Production
Singapore Weather
Near Equator
Sunny most of the time
2 monsoon season
What are the reasons behind these?
Water Pollution
Pollution is the major concern of world
"Oh my! What a weird weather we have!"

"Burr... it’s so cold today,”

“How weird, it was raining yesterday and all of sudden it’s hot today.”
Global warming?

Air Pollution
Cover with Buildings
Increasing of population
Increase demand of electricity
Challenges Faced by Singapore
100% import of Fossil Fuel
No natural resources
Raising cost of Electricity
Pollutions come from the
neighboring countries

industrial gaseous emissions

fuels burned from land vehicles
Renewable Energy
Solar Energy
Poor Waste Management- Domestic
Causes in Singapore
(e.g. haze from Indonesia,
forest fire smog from Borneo)
Power Station
Energy Storing
Control Device
HDB, Offices)
Wastage of materials - 'Use and Dispose' Mentality

Causes large amount of waste produced

Lack of land for landfills, urgent need to reduce waste

Cause health problems if waste are not disposed of properly
Protecting our own water resources from industrialization & urbanization
Processing safe drinking water in cost effective manner (Newater & desalinated water)
Minimizing wastage in water supply system
Conserving water - Putting every drop to good use
Closing water loop
Excess Energy will be sell back to power station
Energy from power station will only be taken when no energy in energy storing device
Free Renewable energy
Lower utility bill
Little maintenance
Low efficiency of PV
High Initial Cost
Low grade of Electricity
Play a Part
How individuals can help to prevent water pollution:

Provide consultation
Provide and install equipment
Provide software for user interaction
Linkage between power station and customer
My Role
Hot-Hotter-Even Hotter!
Land Vehicles
Cause by Human
Action are easy, need the willpower of everybody
Need the Leadership of Higher Authority
Challenges can be solved and turn into opportunities
Industrial Gaseous Emissions
Pollutions from Neighbouring Countries


traffic on roads

vehicular emissions
Uncontrolled forest fires

Pollutant Standards Index (PSI)

Poor health conditions
lung illnesses
ash particles
release of chemicals and particulates into the atmosphere

gases release due to burning of waste materials
- Construction Sites and Industrial Estates
- Domestic
Construction firms burn their waste on-site

Do not bring the rubbish to the proper grounds for disposal

Building contractors hope to save money and time
Affects workers health by causing environment to be dirty and dusty

Illegal burning of the industrial waste would cause other forms of pollution
Poor Waste Management-
Industrial Estates and Construction Sites
What can individuals do to help?
Responsible for our own actions

Inculcate 5Rs in our daily lifes
The Reuse Challenge, Newater
Treated sewage and wastewater
5 Newater factories
Meet 30% of Sg's current water demand
40% of Sg's water supply by 2020
50% of future water demand in longer term
PUB currently implementing NIP
Link up various Newater factories across island
Supply efficiently to customers across island
Turn off tap when running water is unnecessary
Beware of what you throw down the sink/toilet
NO littering at the beaches, river etc
People are fined for littering.

Fines are also issued for improper disposal of domestic waste.

Builiding contractors caught illegally burning industrial waste would be suspended of their licence.
'Fine' City
Singapore promotes clean and green through fines.
Working together to
Challenges Met!
Less gas = more money (better health!)
Planting plants around you

Encouraging car pools

Walk or bike to work
saves on gas
parking cost
improve health condition
reducing your risk of obesity
No Pollution
Monthly Solar Radiation
(ranging from lung cancer to the greenhouse effect)
Challenges or Opportunities
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