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Jerry Uelsmann

No description

Miranda Hawker

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Jerry Uelsmann

By: Miranda Hawker Jerry Uelsmann Uelsmann was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1934. He took interest in photography when he was fourteen. He pioneered the art of multi layered imagery years ahead of anyone else.He uses only his own negatives from the pictures that he shoots, and he says that he does this often without a specific composition in mind.He eventually began teaching photography at the University of Florida in 1960. In 1967, Uelsmann had his first solo exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art. He is currently retired from teaching and lives in Gainesville, Florida with his wife. To this day, Uelsmann still produces photos, sometimes creating more than a hundred in a single year. Biography: Uelsmann's Style: To create his photos, Uelsmann produces composite photographs with multiple negatives and extensive darkroom work. He uses up to a dozen enlargers at a time to produce his final images, and has a large archive of negatives that he has shot over the years. The negatives that Uelsmann uses are known to reappear within his work, acting as a focal point in one work, and background as another. Uelsmann was considered to have almost "magical skill". Today, with digital cameras and Photoshop, photographers are able to create a work somewhat resembling Uelsmann's in less than a day. However, Uelsmann continues to believe in and use traditional equipment. Untitled 1980 Technique: Influences: My Evaluation: Video: His photographs are a combination of themes, motifs, and sensibilities. In a single Uelsmann print one might find elements of Pop and Expressionism, photography as comedy, photography as self-knowledge, aspects of surreal and romantic fantasy, and formalist and conceptual experiment. Jerry Uelsmann was influenced early in his life by Harry Callahan, Frederic Sommer, Wynn Bullock and Edward Western. They gave him visions to explore. His major influence was his University Lecturer, Minor White who encouraged him to trust in his intuitive self. As soon as he put film into his camera his brain would start to see the world in a different way. It’s here where you have to learn to trust your own intuition and go with your feelings and thoughts. Thats where the creative thoughts come from. You have to play with your ideas and use the style “I wonder what would happen if !” I love Jerry Uelsmann’s work. All of his photographs are so beautiful and abstract. It is simply amazing how he does it all with negatives and a dark room. They all look expertly photo shopped, and have so much story behind them. His photographs definitely intrigue me and he is an utter genius. I also admire him for teaching at the University of Florida. Tree House
1982 Untitilted, 1969 Untitled 1976 Untitled 1997 Untitled 1969 Untitled 1982 Threshold 1999 Kiefer's Message 2001 Untitled 1996 Untitled 1992 Mediation Mystery 2001
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