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War In the Pacific

No description

Julie Tseng

on 4 March 2017

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Transcript of War In the Pacific

War In The Pacific
Dec. 7th : Attack on Pearl Harbor
Dec. 8th-25th : Attack on Hong Kong
Feb. 15th : Japan captures Singapore
Apr. 9th : Japan captures Philippines
May 4th-8th: Battle of the Coral Sea
Jun. 3rd-6th: Battle of Midway
Jun. 1942-Aug.1943: Battle of the Aleutian Islands
Significance to Canada
Pearl Harbor
Battle Of Midway

Battle of the Coral Sea

Fought during May 4-8 1942
Japan wanted to capture Port Moresby in New Guinea and Tulagi, one of the tiny Solomon Islands.
From these locations, Japanese bombers could reach Australia and take them over
The Americans knew what was happening so they sent 2 aircraft carriers to try and stop them
The Japanese sent their own 2 aircraft carriers to the Coral Sea
At the end of the battle both sides came out with equal damage and Australia remained under allied forces

Lasted from June 3rd-6th 1942
One of the most decisive battles
Effectively destroyed Japan's naval strength
The Japanese wanted to take down the States’s aircraft carrier striking forces and set up their own Japanese base
The Americans figured out their plan and staged an ambush
The Japanese lost 4 irreplaceable fleet carriers
The United States base was damaged but it remained a vital part of the Americans pacific defense
Fall of Hong Kong
Canada was not really involved much with the Pacific war but did contribute to the battles and attacks of Hong Kong and the Aleutian Islands
Even though we were not the main country at war we did help and support our neighbor the United States
The Pacific war made it hard for
Japanese Canadians becuase
it made the canadians dislike them
Battle of Singapore

Japan captures Singapore on February 15th 1942
Singapore was the major British base in the Pacific and had been thought of as unbreachable because of its strong seaward defenses.
The Japanese took easily by advancing down the Malay Peninsula and then assaulting the base’s landward side, which the British had left poorly defended.

• Attacked on December 7th
•Japanese had made their way up the coast to eventually reach their target in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, US
Capture of Philippines
• Leading to many more battles
Fought from Dec.8th-25th 1941
Many Canadian soldiers were sent over
Over 1,975 soldiers volunteered but they were no match for the well prepared Japanese soldiers
-Lacked training and combat skills but were still very determined
Lasted around 17 days ; 290 killed and 500 captured
The attack on the Philippines started on December 8th 1941
They advanced across central Luzon towards Manila
The Japanese fought desperately to hold the city for days
When the battle finally finished Manila was in ruins
The Japanese wanted to take the Philippines because they would be a nice addition to their growing empire in Asia
Captured soldiers were sent back over to Japan and used as slaves
Battle of the Aleutian Islands
• Started June 1942-August 1943
•U.S troops battled to remove all Japanese garrisons on the 2 US owned islands
•The only U.S soil Japan wanted to claim
Hong Kong was defeated on Christmas Day
Canada sent 2 Corvettes, HMCS Dawson and Vancouver, to provide anti-submarine help to the Americans
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