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Aidan - Atlantic Region

No description

Ms. McTurk

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Aidan - Atlantic Region

Where is the Atlantic Region?
There are many ocean shores, mountains, wetlands, and coral reefs.
What Does the Atlantic Region Look Like?
Climate in the Atlantic Region
What Are the Atlantic Regions Natural Resources?
the Atlantic Region is here.
The Atlantic Region is located on the east side of Canada.
Atlantic Region
by Aidan
The Atlantic has the most variable climate in Canada. Winters are mild and temperatures average -4°C. Summers are often cool and temperatures average 17°C . This region is close to the Atlantic ocean and has high humidity which means high precipitation in the forms of fog, rain, snow and frost. Storms are also frequent.

The Atlantic Regions natural resources include rich soil for farming, fish, and minerals.
Interesting facts:
Did you know that the Atlantic Region produces frozen French Fries? Its True! The region also had many cod, before they were over fished. Fish and chips anyone?
Why should I live here?
You should live in the Atlantic Region because it is beautiful. You can go to the beach without traveling much! Also, you can try new foods, especially lots and lots of seafood!
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