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Venus and Mercury

No description

Jaylah Louis

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Venus and Mercury

Mercury and Venus
What is the lesson
to be Learned today???
News About
Facts about

News About Mercury
Facts about Mercury
* It is the second planet from the sun
*The same size as the Sun
*It also circles the Sun the fastest than the other planets
*Since Mercury is the closest to the Sun its temperature can reach up to 840 degrees farenheit
*Mercury is slightly larger than most of Earths Moon
*About 4 billion years ago an asteroid had hit roughly 60 miles
*It has no weather, but the coldest planet

By:Jaylah Louis
The lesson that will be learned are the two planets Mercury and Venus.They are two very good part of the solar system.So if you like them just applaud at the end of the slide show.

*Period of Rotations=58days 15hours 30minutes
*Period of Revolution=About 59 days to spin once on its axis
*Atmosphere=Contains very little hydrogen,helium and oxygen it also has smaller amounts of sodium,potassium,calcium and magnesium
*Orbit=Mercury is the 1st planet closest to the Sun
Location=57,910,000 km (0.38 AU) from the Sun

What Venus Looks Like
*Moons=None found
*Atmosphere=it is thick and is 90 times,more massive than Earth atmosphere,it has hellish atmosphere
with carbon dioxide gas,nitrogeon,and small percent (%) of water
*Orbit=it is the 2nd closest
*Location=108,209,000km from the Sun
*Physical Properties=Hot planet,volcanic
*Period of Revolution=225 days

*Is NOT the closest to the Sun because the its dense atmosphere traps the heat in a runaway version of the greenhouse effects the warmness of the Earth
*it spins other way slowly
*No water
*Second closest planet to orbit the Sun and the hottest planet
What Mercury Looks Like
The Resources
1.The Eight Planets
2.Planets For Kids
3.The Science Books
4.Venus Facts
5.Mercury Facts
6.The Planets-Mercury-Fact Monster
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