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No description

Ashlee Britton

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Detective

Planning Process
I want to learn more about the career of Criminal Justice a.k.a Detective and Investigating work.

Work Activities
Get information needed to do job.
Document and record information.
Make decisions and solve problems.
Identify objects, actions, and events.
•Communicate with supervisors, peers, or subordinates.
•Work with the public.
•Evaluate information against standards.
•Process information.
Career Research
The skills and abilities needed for this job include having to communicate, reason and problem solve, use math and science, work with people, perceive and visualize, manage oneself, people, time, and things.
In Washington, the average entry-level wage for detectives and investigators is $5,643 per month ($32.56 per hour).
Evidence of Learning (Five Assignments)
One assignment that relates to this career would be Cornell notes in Science for Mr. Lande. The area of study for the notes was Atoms and energy. The date of this assignment was September 28th 2013. This was important because there was a text on Atoms and Energy. I learned a lot about Electrons and Cells. The challenge was all the things you had to remember. This helps a lot with post High School plans because you will have to take many notes.
I want to learn more about the career of Detective and Investigating .
I am interested in this career because I love the action this career has on a daily basis.
I am considering it, but want to know more about what they majorly work on daily, like what major cases they work with.
I am a very good match for this career because I scored the most for protective.
I believe this career is a great match for this category.
Self Assessments
The name of the assessment is Interest Profiler
My highest interest area was Artistic at 30
Acting and modeling is in the interest area
My favorite career did not happen to appear in this area.
The pathway it suggested for me was Arts and Communication.
I was very suprised with these results because I am more protective tan anything. I do njoy artistic careers but I love Criminal law.

Planning Process
Working Conditions
Social Contact
Communicate with others by phone, in person, and in email. Also write letters and memos.
Dealt with angry or upset people.
Deal with suspects, witnesses, and others involved with cases.
Working Conditions Cont.
Deal with the physical aggression of violent suspects
Somewhat responsible for the work done by others.
Responsible for the safety of the community.
Deal with people who become physically violent or aggressive.
Work as part of a team
Work Activities Cont.
•Communicate with people outside the organization.
•Use computers.
•Update and use job-related knowledge.
•Establish and maintain relationships.
•Analyze data or information.
•Organize, plan, and prioritize work.
•Monitor events, materials, and surroundings.
•Judge the value of objects, services, or people.
Work Activities Cont.
•Operate vehicles or mechanized equipment.
•Explain the meaning of information to others.
•Perform activities that use the whole body.
•Resolve conflicts and negotiate with others
Career Research Cont.
To work as a detective or investigator, you typically need to:
•have a high school diploma or GED;
•pass a physical exam and background check;
•complete police academy training;
•have three to five years of work experience as a police officer;
•complete moderate-term, on-the-job training; and
•pass a written exam
Career Research Cont.
The school I would enjoy going to for this career choice would be Central Washington University.
I would pick Central because it has a good Criminal Law program, it prepares students for working as law enforcement or corrections officers, or paralegals, or for entry into graduate or law school.
E.O.L Cont.(Five Assignments)
Another good assignment would be goal making. The course was Leadership by Mr. Schakel. The date of the assignment was November 12th 2013. This was for making goals to reach in the future. This is important because without these goals you wouldn't succeed in the future. I learned that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. The challenge was how much work you had to put into it to reach your goals. This assignment helps your Post High School plans because without goals in life you would not succeed in life.
E.O.L Cont. (Five Assignments)
A third assignment would be Closed notes from Social Studies by Mrs. Greenup. The Closed notes were based off of WWI that were due on November 7th 2013. Closed notes are for asking questions to yourself and answering them by finding them out yourself. This is important for a test or if your trying to figure something out. I learned a lot about WWI and what actually happened. The challenge was to figure out all your questions. This will help your post High School plan because it helps you figure out a lot of things you don't.
E.O.L Cont. (Five Assignments)
A fourth assignment would be a Review from Social Studies by Mrs. Greenup from the Russian Revolution. The date of the assignment was November 7th 2013. Its where you write down the questions of a up coming test or situation and write down the answers. This is important because it helps a lot for something important that is coming up. I learned last minute answers that helped me with a test. There was no real big challenge. This would help with relate to your post High School plans by preparing you with the correct answer of any important upcoming event.
E.O.L Cont. (Five Assignments)
A fifth assignment would be a Lab write up from Science by Mr. Lande for Mass and Weight on November 15th 2013. This is for the relationship between the mass and weight of an object. This is important because without this the data would be incomplete. I learned that mass and weight are two completely different things. The challenge was collecting all the data and recording it. This relates to my post High School plans because if your trying to figure something out you can do a lab on it and figure it out.
Activity Record
I play a sport called Fastpitch Select. I am in 9th grade. My position is First Base, Catcher, and Short Stop.
I also am in a club involving with singing called Choir in 9th grade. I'm a soprano.
Activity Record Cont.
I am joining Fastpitch at Rogers for my school activity. Outside of school I enjoy my Fastpitch team The Pride. Many interests I have include long boarding, dancing, singing, and my phone. My hobbies are fighting, Fastpitch, and Singing. I have worked at a Daycare in Buckley with a family friend. In sixth grade I have enjoyed Soccer, Softball, and dancing.
One goal I have is to get no lower than a D in all my classes. This goal will help me with my future career because it will help me get in to College. I will need to study more, do my homework, turn in my homework, pay more attention in school, and put school before social.
Goals Cont.
Another goal of mine is to graduate high school. I need this to happen because without my High School diploma I can not get the job of my dreams. This could happen by getting good grades, doing homework, paying attention in school, put school first, and ask for help when needed.
Goals Cont.
Another goal of mine is to go to College. This will help me for my future career because College is needed for a good career. The steps needed would be to good grades, work persistently in class, do my homework, study, and graduate High School.
The statement "Certain elements of the career investigation surprised me." I do not agree nor disagree because some things surprised me and some things did not. For example I was surprised i scored the most for artistic in one test. I am also concerned that none of my activities had nothing to do with my dream Career. Plus, the fact that that two jobs that were in my area were modeling and acting witch have nothing to do with my career. This Career still interests me with a strong passion. I have watched detective work on t.v. and I love it. Plus, my whole life i have enjoyed the action the workers get during the job. And, I love solving things out and helping people, it is a strong feeling of mine I would like to feel my whole life.
By: Ashlee Britton
Period 5
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