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02.04 What is Stock Anyway?

No description

Tyler Brown

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of 02.04 What is Stock Anyway?

Liberty Bank
Contact Info: 1.877.305.7070
Build savings around owner's needs
Earned a Bauer Financial 5-Star rating
Type: Stocks
Risk Level: High
Rate of Return (Expected): $2500
Minimum Required Investment: $500
Reason for Interest:
They benefit, you benefit
Easy to quickly earn a lot of money
Plenty of different stocks to choose from
Ability to change stocks
Ability to invest in multiple stocks
Contact Info: 866.732.1687
one of the nation's leading financial services holding companies.
put the clients’ interests first
Type: Mutual Fund
Risk Level: Moderate
Rate of Return (Expected): $200,000
Minimum Required Investment: $100,000
Wells Fargo
Contact Info: 1-800-TO-WELLS
Guided towards continued growth
Have a vision
Global bank
Type: CD Account
Risk Level: Low
Rate of Return (Expected): $5,000
Minimum Required Investment: $2,500
Reason for Interest:
There is no monthly service fee
Flexible terms
Additional deposits may be made
Term may be changed
Interest not payed during grace period
02.04 What is Stock Anyway?

Reason for Interest:
professionally managed
achieves diversity in investments
pools money from investors
"one-stop shop"
invest in a broad collection of securities
Tyler Brown
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