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Managing Your Professional Image - AMM Communications

Job search isn't merely updating your resume and networking. The job-seeker also needs to work on personal branding and professional image too!

Ed Mayuga

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Managing Your Professional Image - AMM Communications

Managing Your Professional Image Presented by: Sheila Clayton - Impress2Success.com
Sherry Sadler - Impress2Success.com
Ed Mayuga - AMM Communications Your "image" as a job-seeker is more than your resume... It's more than your network... It's even more than your interview skills! Like it or not, employers will also judge you on your appearance, in cyberspace and in-person! How many of you have "Googled" your name recently? What did you find? Are there any pictures of you? Any examples or testimonials of your prior work? Your Online Image and Professional Appearance is Your "Brand" What we will cover today... 1) Managing your Online Image - Ed Mayuga 2) Managing Your Professional Appearance - Sheila Clayton & Sherry Sadler 3) Real-life examples: Denise St. Peters & Steve Molen For More Information about Our Services: http://www.impress2success.com http://www.ammcommunications.com
Ed Mayuga (314) 485-9810 On LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/elmayuga
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/elmayuga
On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/elmayuga
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/ammcommunications Sheila Clayton (314) 495-2050
Sherry Sadler (314) 610-8491 Managing your Online Image Managing Your Professional Image Denise St. Peters Bio About me:
I was in your shoes in 2006
I decided to become a consultant
In 2008, my wife and I started our own company
We are AMM Communications, the St. Louis-based Public Relations firm
As a consultant, I consider myself unemployed until I find my next project!
We were hospital specialty pharmaceutical representatives
Positions eliminated due to a merger
We recognized a need for professional image consulting
Job seekers need to sell their professional appearance
We took the entrepreneurial track and formed Impress2Success.com - Career Image Consultants 1) Personal Grooming 2) Dress to "Impress 2 Success" 3) Don't be defeated 4) BVP - Bright verbal professional 5) You don't have to spend a lot of $$$ Impress2Success.com
Top 10 - Things to Improve Your Appearance Wear a tailored suit in navy, grey, or with conservative pattern
White or light blue pressed cotton shirt with silk tie
Hair and nails must be clean and groomed
Cologne or Perfume must be low key or absent
Business shoes and over the calf dark socks for men
Minimal jewelry and no jewelry is better than fake or flashy
Use makeup sparingly
Simple, tailored suit with blouse for women or dress
Low-heeled pumps, flesh colored pantyhose for women
Shine your shoes Go! Network Before Photos: Fresh haircut - Don't look like you just got out of bed
If you wear a beard/mustache, make certain its trimmed
Trim your brows, nasal hairs, ear hair, and shave your neck
Wear makeup sparingly
Don't wear cologne or perfume - you are trying to get a job not a date
Neatly trimmed nails and conservative nail polish When you are networking, even at a Go! Network event, dress as if you are meeting a potential employer
Be confident and wear a SMILE If someone is going to give you a referral, it reflects back on them
If you think you are beaten, then you are
Act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic! Impress2success.com will enhance your professional image
We customize our services to your individual needs There are 19 job-seekers for every job in St. Louis...
How are you going to stand apart In order to be competitive in today's job market,
you must be chief marketer of a "Brand Called You" How many job-seekers do you know that have their own website? You can register your own name or nickname very easily and inexpensively! This is my company website, http://ammcommunications.com edmayuga.com, edgardomayuga.com, elmayuga.com also lead here... Purchase domain names at http://www.namecheap.com Start a blog and create a website using WordPress Consolidate all of your social media feeds on your own website! Start to build networks, especially on LinkedIn... Be your own publicist! Start telling your network about your accomplishments Talk about your job-search, but in a positive way. Highlight connecting others! Bright - Wow the interviewer with how much you know about their company and business
Verbal - Create well-crafted interview answers ahead of time
Professional - Impress 2 Success! Denise St. Peters Steve Molen Our goal today:
To give you at least 3 ideas
you can implement tomorrow! Remember this Acronym - BVP BRIGHT
PROFESSIONAL About us: 30 Second Feedback Session Steve Molen is a native St. Louisian, with over 20 years of Sales, Marketing and Management experience, impacting difficult sales markets with new and existing products, implementing unique strategies to gain client acceptance and trials of new products. Also, by identifying customer needs and delivering effective solutions, Steve develops strong client relations and a loyal referral base, and wining numerous performance awards.

Steve's most recent position was as District Sales Manager for NovaQuest, A QUINTILES Company, which helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies optimize portfolio development, company growth and profits through innovative, tailored financial and strategic solutions. Steve led a team of eleven Pharmaceutical Reps throughout Missouri marketing Eli Lilly's Neuroscience products. Unfortunately, the 6 year partnership ended on 12/31/2009...

Steve also was in the Capital Equipment (XEROX) and Printing industries (KINKO's & CopyMax) for a number of years.

Currently, he is seeking “Sales Management” opportunities in the St. Louis/Missouri/Midwest Areas, and is currently utilizing the following “new age” techniques in getting his “skill-sets” and “experiences” in front of the “right” people:


Twitter... http://twitter.com/smolen001



Denise most recently held a position with a hospitalist company as the Director of Business Development where she was responsible for increasing physician referrals. This position was charged with the responsibility to act as a catalyst between the physician and the hospital management team. She was responsible for 6 Hospitalist practices which included financial management, marketing and physician services. Denise also spent more than 15 years in the nursing home administrator environment. Denise graduated from Blackburn College with a BA Business Administration/Economics with a minor in Psychology. She has held a Nursing Home Administrator license for Missouri and Illinois. She has served on the board for YWCA and Junior League in Alton, IL.

Status: Denise has been searching for a position since March 2009. Unemployment benefits have expired.

Challenges: She has had several interviews but no offers. Her greatest challenge is obtaining a second interview. Several pharmaceutical companies have downsized and her competition has increased.

Action: Denise has contacted recruiters, searched the internet, networked in her industry, career fairs and has joined networking organizations such as GO!NETWORK.

Current Search: She is focusing on utilizing her healthcare experience to continue to market within the healthcare industry. She has a passion for building and maintaining relations with various healthcare providers and would like to make a long-term impact with an organization.
Steve Molen Bio Here's the link - http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/10/brandyou.html?page=0%2C0 It has taken 10 years since this article was written for technology to catch up... Read this month's article in Money Magazine - August 2010 p. 32
How to Promote the Brand of You 1.) Google your name and set "alerts" for automatic updates 2.) Ask former colleagues to give you anonymous feedback: http://reachcc.com/360reach 3.) How do I want employers to view me? Key Points from a Brand Called You: Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build upon their skills
Have a website worth visiting! The brand is the promise of value you will receive
You don't "belong to" any company for life, and your chief affiliation isn't to any particular "function"
You are not defined by your job title and your not confined to your job description QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF:

What is it about my services that make me different from the other 18 job-seekers? Write it down in 15 words or less

What have I done lately to make myself stand out?

What do I want to be famous for? Imagine reading a headline about yourself in 5-10 years Thank You! Now it's time for Q&A... Here's the link - http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/10/brandyou.html?page=0%2C0 BTW: This presentation is available at: http://prezi.com/efqupgcaun1w/managing-your-professional-image/ BTW: This presentation is available at: http://prezi.com/efqupgcaun1w/managing-your-professional-image/
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