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Bookshare Review: One Day, July 15th

No description

shiela ramos

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Bookshare Review: One Day, July 15th

Bookshare Review: One day, July the 15th
Me and Literature
Who am I and my reading background?
The name is Shiela. I like to read online stories and a few novels that catches my interest. Most novels bore me because I find most of them very clichéd and too mainstream. I am never fond of Romance novels but a little love story won't hurt. I love reading comics (especially Pugad Baboy) because I find them very humorous. I do read selected mangas.
My novel of choice?
One Day by David Nicholls
Why? It's a romance novel
I wanna try something new. Out of my comfort zone. I am somehow attracted to Angst and tragic stories and from
Kyla Camacho
's bookshare, it has a tragic ending (spoiler!!)
Story Overview
The novel One Day is about two best friends,
Emma Morley
Dexter Mayhew
. It is set on a particular day,
July 15
, the day they met. The story occurs every July 15 every year. It tackles about their love affairs and the romantic tension between them. It was a really nice novel especially towards the ending however, the first parts were boring for me. Plus, they were obviously attracted to each other but it’s so frustrating that they weren’t able to get together until the last few parts.
The author
David Nicholls
David Nicholls is an English author, actor and screenwriter. He was born on 1966 in Eastleigh, Hampshire. He went to Toynbee Comprehensive school, and Barton Peveril Sixth Form College before studying and graduated from University of Bristol with the degree in English Literature and Drama. He wrote three novels; Starter for Ten (2003), The Understudy (2005), and One Day (2009).
Narrative Elements
The novel is divided into five parts. The first part is from 1988-1992, during their early twenties. Part two is set from 1993 to 1995 during their late twenties. Part three was from 1996 to 2001, their early thirties. Part four was from 2002 to 2005, their late thirties. And part five, the last part was about their anniversaries. All chapters were set on a specific date, July 15, the day they met.
The story took place in Europe, specifically England. Paris and India were also the places where some parts of the story happened. There were mentions of China and other places, which were hinted where Dexter went to after their graduation.
The novel starts with Emma and Dexter on bed. It was the night of their graduation, the day the formally met. It was the mark of the start of their friendship. However, it was obvious that Emma wanted more than just friendship. When Dexter went away for his trip, he and Emma keeps on exchanging letters to update one another.
Emma's career was falling down as she ended up working as a waitress despite her graduating with a "double-first degree" course while Dexter's career rise up when he becomes a TV presenter.

Emma meets Ian Whitehead and they got into a relationship.
Rising Action
Dexter develops drinking problems as his problems pile up, his mother’s death and his failing television career. Emma on the other hand finds a job as a teacher and begins to write plays for her students. With Dexter’s problems, their friendship falls apart and they have decided to part ways. Emma is unhappy with her relationship with Ian and finally breaks up with him.
Emma gets into an affair with the principal of the school. She and Dexter meets once again during her roommate, Tilly’s wedding. There she finds out that Dexter is engaged with his girlfriend, Sylvie and about to become a father. There, she realizes she has no chance with Dexter anymore because he is clearly in love with Sylvie. During the wedding reception, she and Dexter rebuild their friendship. Emma decides to write a novel and finds a publisher with the help of her college friends.
Falling Action
Dexter’s marriage falls apart as he struggle to be a father to his daughter, Jasmine. It turns out that Sylvie was cheating on him with Callum, his old flatmate. He and Sylvie gets a divorce. After some time, he went to Paris with Emma and there, they start their long overdue relationship.
They eventually get married but unable to have a child. Dexter also opens up a café with the help of Emma. Everything goes well for the couple until Emma gets into an accident when she was about to meet up with Dexter. This accident took her life away.
Every July 15 for the next three years, Dexter mourns for the death of his wife at the same time, reminisce their first meeting together. However, at the third year, it was shown that he is in a relationship with his café’s manager, Maddy. He then brings his daughter, Jasmine to the place where he and Emma became formal friends.
• Emma Morley
- she is the female protagonist of the novel. She is one of the static characters in the novel. Static in the sense that she was very loyal to Dexter. Even if she had a boyfriend or involved in different relationships, in her heart, she knows that all she wanted was to be with Dexter.
• Dexter Mayhew
- he is the male protagonist of the novel. He is more of a dynamic character. He sleeps around with women, dates a lot of girls but there was a point where he stops and falls in love with one woman. He and Emma contrast each other. During the time when Dexter plays around, Emma sticks to one relationship but when it was Dexter’s turn to be loyal to his girlfriend, Emma turns out to be the mistress of the school’s principal.
Minor Character

Ian Whitehead
– Emma’s ex-boyfriend and a stand-up comedian who by the end of the novel, helps Dexter to move on from Emma’s death.

– Dexter’s ex-wife and Jasmine’s mother. She cheated on Dexter with Callum which resulted into divorce which finally gives Emma and Dexter a chance to be together.

Alison Mayhew
– Dexter’s mother who has a really great influence on him.

Man versus man is the prevailing conflicts in the novel. One clear instance is when Ian confronts Emma about their break up. He read through Emma’s notebook, where he found compositions showing her affection for Dexter. They got into a heated argument.

Another is Man versus Himself. It may not be expressed but it was implied in the part where Dexter struggles to take care of his daughter when his wife when out with ‘friends.’
The novel is told from the Third Person’s point of view or the narrator’s point of view. There were shifts between Dexter and Emma in which we can imply that the narrator is someone who knows everything that is happening with the two. The POV in this novel is the same as that of Gabriel Marquez’ A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.
The prevailing themes of the novel are Friendship (Emma and Dexter’s friendship), Family, and most obviously, Love. David Nicholls might have wanted to tell a story about two people whose friendship blossomed into love; a slice of life for the two, with involvements of families.
My own definition of literature is something, a work in writing used to express one’s self and thoughts through use of words organized into a specific manner to convey a meaning or message. Literature captures the attention of its readers or spectators. There is excitement as the reading goes on. Based on this definition of mine, I can say that One Day by David Nicholls is a form of literature. As what I have stated, there’s excitement as the reader reads on. I may have found the novel boring at first but as it progress on, it gets more exciting as the tension between the main characters grows. It definitely captures the interest of its readers.
"About David." David Nicholls. David Rouse, n.d. Web. 17 Dec. 2013. <http://www.davidnichollswriter.com/about_david>.
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